Purchase Credits & Refunds

Money is owed back to you from suppliers, perhaps for inventory you have shipped back to them. Brightpearl provides two methods of entering a supplier / vendor credit:

  • A purchase credit is created like an order and provides a visible record of the credit and the option to print a credit note document.
  • A supplier credit is like a vendor bill that's not linked to an order, and creates only the accounting journal and provides no other record or option to print a credit note document

Note that it is not possible to clone a purchase order to a purchase credit, or to add stock-tracked items to a purchase credit. If you also want to send goods back to the supplier, you need to make inventory adjustments.

See the process for returning goods to your suppliers in this help article.

Purchase returns / credits

Purchase returns/credits allow you to:

  • Record a refund received from the supplier to create the accounting and update the supplier account balance. This will create a PP type journal.
  • Post a credit note to create the accounting update the supplier account balance. This will create an PC type journal and lock the purchase credit record so that it cannot be edited.
  • Print or email purchase credit document to the supplier

Note that is is not possible to add stock-tracked items to a purchase credit, a stock correction must be used if items are to be returned to the supplier.

How to record supplier refund

  1. First of all a credit will need to have been raised against the supplier - either as a purchase credit or a supplier credit.
  2. Search for and open the supplier record and navigate to the Payment Allocation screen via the Financials info box.
  3. Find the credit in the list and click Pay now  to enter the full balance, alternatively, manually type in the amount refunded against the credit.
  4. Select a bank account and enter the  payment reference .
  5. Check the total at the bottom is what you were refunded.
  6. Click Allocate payment button to post the accounting and mark the credit as refunded.

Supplier credits

Supplier credits can be used to create the accounting for a credit received from a supplier. It creates no visible returns record and does not allow for printing of a credit document. It will create a PC type accounting journal and update the supplier account with the credit balance.

How to enter a supplier credit

  1. Got to Suppliers > Supplier credit .
  2. Search for the supplier (only primary suppliers contacts are searchable) or add a new supplier.
  3. Select the tax date and due date. Automatically calculate a due date by clicking the  30 Days  button.
  4. Enter the credit reference .
  5. Enter any further details .
  6. Enter the net amount.
  7. Select the correct tax code to calculate the tax and total values.
  8. Select the nominal code the charge relates to (e.g. Rent).
  9. To add more rows using a different tax rate or nominal code click the Add row  button and then enter the details.
  10. To simultaneously create a bank payment and mark this invoice/credit as paid, select the Mark as paid at the same time checkbox.
  11. Click the  Extra Options  link if you want to associate this invoice with a department, project or lead source.
  12. Click the  Enter Credit  button.
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