Working with drop-ship purchase orders

Before you can drop-ship, you need to link suppliers to products and set prices. See Creating drop-ship suppliers and prices.

Creating drop-ship purchase orders

Drop-ship purchase orders must be created from a sales order. The delivery address on a drop-ship purchase order is copied from the delivery address on the originating sale.

How to create drop-ship purchase orders

Drop-ship purchase orders are created by using the partial/advanced fulfilment feature. This must be activated in Settings > Products/Inventory > Inventory settings.

  1. Search for and open the order
  2. Hover over the Fulfil order link at the top of the order
  3. Select Partial/advanced fulfil
  4. Confirm the quantity to drop-ship
  5. Select the supplier next to each item
    Note: Items can be fulfilled to goods out notes and shipped from your warehouse if inventory is on hand
  6. Select "Ship to customer" in the Ship PO(s) to field
  7. Click the Create purchase orders / goods notes button
  8. A separate PO is created for each supplier selected. The POs are listed at the bottom of the screen. Click the edit pencil next to a PO to open it and send it to your supplier.

Partially shipped drop-ship orders

Drop-purchase orders can be split to back order. This is useful if your vendor confirms they will only send some of the goods to your customer with the rest to come later. You can split goods to a new drop-ship order, allowing you to mark the items your customers have been sent as fulfilled and shipped.

To move items into a back order:

  1. Open the drop-ship PO
  2. Select the lines you want to move
  3. Click "split to back order"

Deleting drop-ship purchase orders

A drop-ship purchase order may need to be deleted if you need to cancel the original sales order or if it was set to drop-ship by mistake during the fulfillment process.

The same controls are applicable when deleting a drop-ship purchase order as a standard purchase order for delivery to your warehouse:

  • No inventory has been marked as received on the order (even if it was unreceived it cannot be deleted)
  • No invoice is marked as received on the order
  • No payment is marked against the order (payments can be re-allocated or canceled)

Once the drop-ship purchase order has been deleted the original sales order will be unfulfilled and can therefore be canceled, deleted or re-fulfilled correctly.

Editing drop-ship purchase orders

Being able to edit drop-ship purchase orders can lead to discrepancies and mismatches between the original sales order and the purchase order. To avoid such problems in your Brightpearl account, we do not allow inventory items on a drop-ship purchase order to be edited once it has been created. To change inventory items on the drop-ship purchase order, you will need to delete the purchase order, edit the sales order, and then re-create the purchase order.

Non-stock items, such as free-text rows for shipping or other services, can be added to and removed from drop-ship POs since these lines are not linked to the original sales order.



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