Over paying an order

If a payment is allocated to an order which is for more than the order total, the order will look overpaid. At the point the order is invoiced the over payment will be added to the financials for the customer as an on account balance, but the order will continue to look overpaid. The on account payment can be used to pay other invoices via the customer financial payment allocation screen - this will also mark any related order as paid by the credit. The original order will continue to display the full payment the customer made.

I don't want orders to look over paid

If you don't like your orders looking overpaid you can use the following steps, but you will need to be careful when it comes to managing cancelled payments:

  1. Create a new payment method called "Adjustment" or "Adjustment for over payment".
  2. Do not assign any bank accounts. This means that no accounting will be created - this is important for ensuring that the process works only on the orders, since Brightpearl already handles all of the accounting.
  3. Go to the order, click Take payment  and choose this new payment method.
  4. Enter the over paid amount as a Reversal .
  5. Submit the payment.

Your order will no longer appear over paid. Once the order is invoiced the over payment will be left on the customer account as a credit balance.

Warning : If the original payment is cancelled via Sales > Order payments, then it will reverse the whole amount, including the over paid amount. This means that you will also need to reverse the manual adjustment you made.

Using account credit to pay a new order

On account balances, or account credit, can be used to make a payment against a new order. To do this, the order will need to be first invoiced and then the payment can be allocated via the customer financial payment allocation screen.

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