Designing Goods-Out Note / Delivery Note templates

What is a goods-out note?

A goods-out note, sometimes called a delivery note or packing note, is a document that accompanies a shipment of goods that lists the items contained in the shipment. It will usually list the item name, or description, and the quantity delivered. For B2B sales a copy of the goods-out note can be signed by the buyer on delivery and returned to the seller as proof of delivery, prior to sending them an invoice for payment.

Designing goods-out notes

You can design your own goods-out notes to use your company logo, display your company address, the delivery address, a product table and much more. It's all done with templates.

Creating a goods-out note

A goods-out note is created when you fulfil an order. Fulfilling is when you confirm the items and quantities to be delivered for a particular sale, reserving the stock (if not already allocated), and create the goods-out note ready for printing. It is possible to create multiple goods-out notes for a single order when partial/advanced fulfilment is used to ship some items and the rest are fulfilled and shipped at a later date.

Goods-out notes are numbered sequentially for each order and are given a reference number made up from the original order ID and this number. For example, for order number 10059 the first goods-out not created will be given reference number 10059/01, the second goods-out note will be given reference 10059/02...and so on.

Picking and packing orders

By creating a goods-out note you are saying that the order is ready to be picked, packed and ultimately shipped to the customer. A picking list can be used to consolidate a batch of goods-out notes into a single list of goods to be collected from around your warehouse and placed in a central packing area. The goods-out notes can then be used to separate all the items into individual packages for customers. As each of these stages are carried out in your warehouse you can mark your goods-out notes as picked and packed.

Shipping a goods-out note

When an order has left your warehouse you can mark the goods-out note as shipped. This is what triggers the system to reduce your stock levels and post your stock accounting in relation to the order.

Deleting a goods-out note

If an order will not be shipped, perhaps due to a late order cancellation, you can delete the goods-out note to essentially un-filfil the order, reversing the entire process. Before you can delete a goods-out note you must ensure it has not been marked as printed, picked or packed. A shipped goods-out note cannot be deleted; since shipping says the goods have been shipped to the customer any cancellations will be considered returns and need to be handled with a sales credit.

Mark a goods-out note unprinted, unpicked and unpacked by opening it from within the original order, or finding it in your goods-out notes lists at  Sales > Goods-out notes Due to...

Delete a goods-out note from your goods-out notes list at  Sales > Goods-out notes Due to...  locate the goods-out note and click the trashcan.

Editing a goods-out note

Goods-out notes cannot be edited. But if changes need to be made you can delete the goods-out note, edit the order, fulfil the order again and create a new goods-out note. Read about deleting goods-out notes above.

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