Cancelling and deleting sales orders

Sales orders can be cancelled and even deleted as long as they are not paid, fulfilled or invoiced.

When an order cannot be cancelled, a sales credit is used to process a return.

Cancelling orders

If the order has been part processed, steps can be taken to reverse those processes which will then allow cancellation:

  • Paid

    If the order has been paid or part paid, a reverse payment can be entered to set the order back to being unpaid.

  • Fulfilled

    When a sales order is fulfilled it creates a goods-out note. To unfulfil a sale, the goods-out notes associated with the sale must be deleted. This will unfulfil the sales order allowing it to then be cancelled. Even if the goods-out note has been printed, picked and packed those steps can be undone in order to enable deletion.

    Warning: If a goods-out note has been shipped, it is not possible to reverse fulfilment! The order must then be completed by invoicing.

  • Invoiced

    Invoiced orders should be handled by creating a sales credit.
    Although it is possible to un-invoice, this feature is intended only for making corrections with the aim of re-invoicing. If an order is un-invoiced and then cancelled it will cause an invoice number to be skipped. This may be identified as "missing" by an accountant or auditor. Please seek advice from your accountant. 

Cancelled orders are excluded from sales reports by default, but can be included using filters.

How to cancel an order 

Cancelling sales orders requires a specific sales order status to be created and defined at the "cancelled" status in the sales workflow at Settings > Sales settings > Sales workflow.

  1. Search for and open the order.
  2. Update the order status to the “cancelled” status.

Deleting orders

Deleting an order will completely remove any record of it. An order can be deleted as long as it is not paid, fulfilled or invoiced.

If an order from an integrated sales channel is deleted, it may re-download, so should be cancelled directly on the sales channel before removing from Brightpearl.

Warning: It is not possible to undo deletion of an order.

How to delete an order

  1. Go to Sales > Recent Sales.
  2. Use the filters to search for the order or orders to be deleted.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the order or orders to be deleted.
  4. Click the Delete button.

Re-using order numbers

The next order reference can be reset in Sales Settings.

If the most recent order(s) have been deleted, the next order reference can be reset so that no order numbers are skipped.


Learn how to cancel an order prior to shipping including refunding any payments made and deleting shipments in progress in Brightpearl.

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