Ticket Categories

Ticket Categories are used to allow you to quickly identify the area of the enquiry or issue. This can help you identify what type of problem the ticket is regarding and then assign work to the best person to deal with it. You can make this option available to customers when they raise a ticket.

You might choose categories based on product ranges, or what type of enquiry the customer is making. For example:

  1. Billing
  2. Delivery
  3. General enquiry

Or choose something more detailed, for example:

  1. Product enquiries
  2. Payment issues
  3. Can you do this...?
  4. Do you sell...?
  5. Delivery enquiries

Add anything you like!

Adding Ticket Categories

  1. Go to Settings > Helpdesk > Ticket Categories .
  2. Click Add a new category .
  3. Enter a name for the category.
  4. Specify whether customers are able to select this category when they create the ticket.
  5. If you want an email/sms notification sent when this category is used enter the email address/phone number.
  6. If this is a sub-category select the parent.
  7. Choose a colour.
  8. Click Save .
  9. Use the arrows on the left to click and hold then drag the categories into order. This is how they will be displayed in drop-down lists.
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