Creating and editing helpdesk tickets

Tickets are used for receiving, monitoring and responding to customer service inquiries, complaints and work requests.

A ticket is created by a customer through the web portal or by a staff member in the Brightpearl back office.

Using tickets allows you to:

  • Monitor what type of queries you are receiving
  • Ensure that a response is given
  • Monitor how long it takes to respond
  • Monitor how well the issue was dealt with

Responses to the queries can be entered against the ticket and distributed to all relevant parties via email with a full history of communication stored against the ticket in Brightpearl.

Raising a new ticket

Follow these steps to raise a new ticket:

  1. Go to Helpdesk > New ticket.
  2. Search for an existing customer or add a new one. You'll be taken to the new ticket screen. The left-hand side displays the ticket details, while the customer's mini profile is visible on the right-hand side.
  3. Enter the subject. Make it something descriptive so you can easily see what the ticket is about.
  4. Enter a detailed description for the issue or work.
  5. You can save to create the ticket now, or continue. Learn more about the other fields below:
    • Assigned to: Select the employee who is responsible for working on this ticket. You can add or change this at any time. If an employee "claims" an unassigned ticket, this field will be automatically populated with their name.
    • Status: Defaults to the "New Ticket" status as per your settings, under  Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings. Learn more about ticket statuses here.
    • Service level: Set the service level of the ticket. This field is blank by default unless the customer has been assigned a service level. This field can be changed at any time when working the ticket. Learn more about service levels here.
    • Category: Choose the ticket category. You can elect to allow customers to be able to select the category if they are creating the ticket via the portal. Opt to hide or show this field for customers raising tickets in Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings. You can change the category at any time. Learn more about ticket categories here.
    • Project: Select a project to assign to your ticket. Your ticket will appear in the job list for that project.
    • Add a note: Type any notes on the progress of the ticket here. You can add as many notes as required. When you save your ticket, the notes will be displayed at the bottom of the page. You can delete notes that you've added, though not notes added by other users.
      For each note specify who, if anyone, to notify. Read more about public and private notes below.
    • Add a file: Click the Browse button to locate and attach a file to the ticket.

Public or private notes and notifications

Use the two checkboxes at the top of the screen to make any notes visible to customers and to specify whether an email or SMS notification is sent.

  • Notify staff only: Selecting this box will add a private note. It sends all the ticket details and note history as an email to any staff members listed on the ticket. You can add staff members and customers to the ticket at the bottom of the screen to ensure they receive updates.
  • Notify everyone: Selecting this box will add a public note which the customer can view when they log in to their account in the web portal. It will also send an email notification to the customer and any staff assigned to the ticket. The customer will only be given details of the original ticket and the current note being added, but staff members will receive a full ticket history. If the customer has a mobile number on their account they will also receive an SMS message to tell them they have received a response to the ticket.

    Public notes are highlighted in green.

  • Leave both checkboxes unticked to add private notes that can be viewed by staff members only without sending a notification.

You can add or remove both customers and staff members from the notification list at the very bottom of the ticket. Select staff members using the "Add" field on the left-hand side and select customers using the "Add" field on the right-hand side. Begin typing to search all your contacts.


If you want profile pictures to be displayed, you can sign up with and upload your photo.

Editing the ticket

Once the ticket has been created, the following fields can be edited:

  • Subject line
    Ticket subjects can only be edited by staff members with the Helpdesk > Add/edit permission.
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Service level
  • Category
  • Project

Notes can be deleted but not edited. You can only delete notes that you have added. Locate the note in the history and click the Delete link.


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