Understanding Inventory Levels

Brightpearl provides various inventory levels to represent inventory effectively allowing better management of physical and available stock. These inventory levels can all be seen on the product list (at Products > List Products/services ):

inventory level sky

You can click on any of the blue numbers to view a summary of how the figures are made up:

inventory details

  • Which sales orders the product is allocated to
  • Which purchase orders the product is on
  • The quantities at each warehouse
  • General information used on thew website such as image and description; really useful if you want to be able to quickly give someone more details on a product

These different inventory levels are to help you really understand and keep track of your inventory. This is what each one means:

In stock
This is the total number of items in the warehouse, including items on goods-out notes, items in the packing process and anything else in progress. Cannot go negative.
The total number of items reserved for orders, plus the total number of items that exist on open goods-out notes (fulfilled but not yet shipped). Cannot go negative.
Total quantity of an item in stock less total allocated. This is the value that you have available to allocate to other sales orders. Cannot go negative.
On order
This is the total number of items on open purchase orders which you are still waiting to receive.

This diagram shows how inventory levels change as actions are performed:

inventory levels

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