Product barcodes and label printing

In Brightpearl, product barcodes can be:

  • Used to scan items through Brightpearl POS (in store)
  • Displayed on product labels
  • Displayed on documentation, such as goods out note templates

EAN, UPC or ISBN barcodes

EAN, UPC and ISBN are internationally recognized barcodes which are purchased from specialist barcode providers. You can record your product's EAN or UPC barcode against the associated product record in Brightpearl and print them out using Brightpearl's label printing functionality, described below.

EAN or UPC codes can be recorded on product records by either opening the product record and typing (or scanning) into the relevant field, or imported against multiple products at once using a spreadsheet.

These codes can be stored in the main Barcode field or the specific fields relating to these barcodes:


Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs) and GTIN labels

Brightpearl can be set up to automatically generate Global Trade Identification Numbers (or GTINs) for each product. A GTIN can be 8, 12, 13 or 14 digits. Brightpearl will use a combination of the provided company number and product number and a system generated digit to produce unique GTINs.

Once a product has a GTIN (saved in the EAN field) it can be used for producing barcode labels.

How to activate auto-generation of GTINs

  1. Go to Settings > Products/inventory > GTIN
  2. Choose the GTIN type
  3. Enter the company prefix identifier provided by GS1
  4. Enter the starting product number. This is the first GTIN product number that will be used when automatically generating a GTIN on a Brightpearl product record. Leading zeros will be automatically added to ensure the correct number of digits are used in the GTIN:


How to generate a GTIN for a product

  1. Ensure the GTIN settings have been completed at Settings > Products/inventory > GTIN
  2. Search for and open the product record
  3. Click the Create GTIN button next to the EAN field. The generated GTIN will be added to the EAN field. If this GTIN should also be used for the SKU, check the box


  4. Save the product

Note: Once the maximum number of GTIN combinations with the provided company prefix and product number have been used, the product EAN field will display "undefined". When this happens a new product number set or company prefix will be needed.

Brightpearl barcodes

Brightpearl-specific barcodes can be generated using the system assigned product ID.

This type of barcode can be used only with Brightpearl compatible applications such as POS or Brightpearl WMS.

It is only possible to generate these barcodes in i25 or Code 128 format.

To set up Brightpearl barcode generation, go to Settings > Other > Labels, and set "Use Product ID for barcode where barcode field is blank" to "Yes":


Printing product barcode labels

Product barcode labels can be printed in sheets or as single labels on a label printer.

It is possible to print barcodes in the following formats:

  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • i25
  • EAN 8 - Barcodes must have 7 characters, the 8th digit is automatically added
  • EAN 13 - Barcodes must have 12 characters, the 13th digit is automatically added
  • UPCA - Barcodes must have 11 characters, the 12th digit is automatically added
  • UPCE - Barcodes must have 6 characters

There are several places where you can print barcodes from within Brightpearl:

  • Product list
  • Any sales or purchase order
  • Goods in screen when receiving inventory on a purchase order

Label templates

In order to print product labels you will need to create a template to specify the size of the label and what information you want to include. You can select from a long list of fields (including custom fields) to add them to your template. You can also directly enter text or HTML/CSS to include hosted images and logos. The label's size is defined by adding it in brackets after the template title.

To create a label template:

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Label templates.
  2. Give your new template a title.
  3. Create the label design in the provided editing box. You can select from a long list of fields (including custom fields) to add them to your template. You can also directly enter text or HTML/CSS to include hosted images and logos.

    If the label is intended for use as a single label, its size should be defined by text added to the label title using the format ([WIDTH]mm [HEIGHT]mm), where [WITDH] and [HEIGHT] are replaced by the label's width and height.

    label template

Printing using thermal printers

When using thermal label printers, you can print from Brightpearl by selecting 'single label' to produce a PDF ready to send to your label printer. 


How to print barcodes using a thermal label printer

Labels can be printed from the product list, sales or purchase orders and from the goods-in screen when receiving inventory on a purchase order.

Printing from the product list:

  1. Go to Products > List products and select the items to print labels for.
  2. Click the Labels button above the list.
  3. Select "Single label" per sheet and then your template. You can also specify from which price list figures should be taken from (if you have included prices on the template), what barcode type to use and how many labels for each item you want to print.
  4. Click Print and your labels will be displayed in a new window read to be sent to your printer.

    print labels

Printing from a sales or purchase order:

  1. Open the order and click the arrow on the edge of the save button.
  2. Select Print labels.

    print label from order

Printing from the goods-in screen:

  1. Open the purchase order.
  2. Click the Receive Inventory button.
  3. Click the Print Labels button.

    print label from good in

Printing barcode labels for orders

Barcodes can be printed for the products on a particular sales or purchase order to ensure they are all labeled as they are received in, or as they are shipped out. 

When printing labels from purchase orders, the quantity of labels to be produced will automatically pick up what has been entered in the 'receive now' column. This means that if you're not receiving everything on the order, then you won't get excess barcodes produced. This also supports multi-concurrent inventory where you may be receiving inventory for one product into multiple locations at once.

label good in

Barcode labels can be printed using the detail stored as the product Barcode or if this is blank, using the Brightpearl product ID. You can also setup your label template to use UPC or EAN codes that you have entered against the relevant product records.

How to print barcodes for all items on an order

  1. Search for and open the sales or purchase order.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the Save changes button and select Print labels.

    label from order

  3. Select the number of labels on a sheet, if you're using a thermal printer, select "Single label".

    print from order

Scanning barcodes

Brightpearl supports the following types of barcode data:

  • Brightpearl product ID
  • Product barcode (the barcode field in the product edit screen)
  • UPC, ISBN or EAN codes (these fields are in the product edit screen)

The USB scanner is what's called a "keyboard wedge" which is really just an automated keypad. When a barcode is scanned the numbers are entered into the active field and "enter" is hit automatically.

Displaying product barcodes on documentation

When ever a template includes the _productTable_ widget it is possible to customize the columns. One of the columns which can be added is the product barcode.

product barcode

Using custom fields on barcode labels

If you need to display extra information on your barcodes (such as warehouse locations, product images, logos); then you can use product custom fields in your barcode label template.

Product custom fields are setup via Settings > Custom fields > Products and can be added to your barcode label template via Settings > Templates > Label templates. Please note that your custom fields are hardcoded, so you will need to update your fields if your product information changes.

label templates

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