Overview of products and services

The products module in Brightpearl is used to manage what items are being bought and sold, what prices they’re being bought and sold for, and where they are physically located.

Product vs inventory

A product in Brightpearl is the record against which item details, such as a product name or a description, is stored. You can also use products for your services and non-inventory items.

Inventory is the quantity of a product in stock - the number of items of the product you have.

Types of product

  • Simple products
    A single unique product or service with no variations, which may or may not be stock tracked.
  • Variants
    These are items which come in different options, perhaps colors and sizes. Each variant has its own product record. For example, T-shirt (red, large), T-shirt (red, medium), T-shirt (red, small) are three separate products. These products are linked by product name and can also be managed as a group (called a product group).
  • Bundles
    These are packs of multiple products which are sold together for a single price. The items contained within a bundle are simple products (or variants) with their own product record which are stocked individually and perhaps also sold individually.
    The bundle also has its own product record, but note that a bundle is always non-stock tracked and can only have a theoretical quantity based on the availability of the items within it.

Managing inventory (stock)

A product in Brightpearl is either stock tracked or non-stock tracked:

  • Stock tracked
    These are items which have a quantity; an example might be a t-shirt or a pair of shoes. These items need to be received into stock and shipped out of stock. You need to know how many items are in stock and available to sell, as well as when stock is running low and a new order needs to be placed.
  • Non-stock tracked
    These are items for which a quantity is not needed. For example, a service or a labor charge which might be added onto a sales order. These items do not have a quantity in stock, and do not need to be received into or shipped out of stock. Bundles are always non-stock tracked.
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