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 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Customer records are required for every order in Brightpearl. They hold important information for orders, such as delivery name and address, billing name and address, currencies, tax codes and discounts.

Registered or guest checkout

When a customer checks out through Magento they can often choose whether to register for an account or to check out as a guest. In both cases, the customer is treated the same in Brightpearl and will create a customer record.

New customers

When an order downloads from Magento the customer details are provided with it so that a record can be created for them.

Customers are only created in Brightpearl when an order is downloaded.

The following information will be set on the customer record:

  • Billing name
  • Billing email address
  • Billing address
  • Billing telephone number (telephone 1)
  • Delivery address (delivery name is set only)
  • Delivery telephone number (telephone 2)
  • Receive email newsletters = yes
  • Price list = the price list selected on the Magento sales channel in Brightpearl

Existing customers

The first time an order downloads for a customer a record is created for them in Brightpearl. All subsequent orders will download against the existing customer record.

Updating / changing customer details

If the customer updates their details on Magento the customer record in Brightpearl will not be updated, however orders will continue to download against the same customer record.

Address changes

Orders will always display the billing address from the existing contact in Brightpearl and the delivery address as provided by Magento.

Email address changes

A warning message is displayed within the order in Brightpearl and in the ecommerce alerts which notifies you that the email address is different. This allows you to then manually update the email address in Brightpearl.

Customers buying on multiple channels

A customer could potentially purchase from you via any one of your sales channels. If they use the same email address each time only one customer record will exist for them in Brightpearl. Each time an order downloads the same customer record will be picked up by matching the email address. Each order will indicate which sales channel it came through, therefore you'll be able to see if a single customer purchases through different channels. (Excludes Amazon as the customer email address is not disclosed).

Deleting or merging customers

A contact which is connected to Magento should not be deleted or merged into another contact. If this happens orders will no longer download from Magento for that customer.

If duplicate contact records exist the contact connected to Magento should be the one which is kept. You can identify the Magento contact as the one with orders from that sales channel.

Communicating with customers

Both Brightpearl and Magento can be used for sending emails to customers. For most communications we recommend sending them from Brightpearl. However, Magento will be able to send an email confirmation to the customer automatically.

Order confirmation emails

When the customer places their order a confirmation email can be set up to be sent from Magento. Check your settings in Magento at  System > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails . You can find your email templates at  System > Transactional Emails .

Brightpearl will not automatically send an email when a new order is received.

Shipping confirmation

By default, Magento doesn't have a setting for automatically sending shipping confirmation emails to customers. However, it is possible for a Magento developer to configure this for you if you wish.

Alternatively, shipping confirmation emails can be sent from Brightpearl at the packing stage of processing the goods-out note.

General customer/order related communications

Emails can be sent through Brightpearl by adding notes onto the order (check the box to email the customer), clicking on the customer email address allows you to write an email, plus batch processing from the recent sales list or customer list allows you to write an email or use an existing template.

Managing communications in Brightpearl ensures that it is all recorded on the customer timeline and order history.

In order to send emails from Brightpearl you will need to setup your SMTP account.

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