Downloading Payments (Magento)

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Payment methods will need to be configured in Magento so that customers can make payment on checkout.

When a payment is captured through Magento it will automatically download into Brightpearl to mark the order as paid and create the necessary accounting.

Authorize & capture

If your payment provider is set to authorize & capture (or "Sale" for PayPal), the payment will be taken from the customer at checkout. In this case the payment will download at the same time as the order.

If the order downloads to Brightpearl before the payment has finished processing it will be downloaded later on the payment sync which runs every hour at 40 minutes past the hour.


Authorize only

When using authorize only settings in Magento, the payment will download into Brightpearl only once it is captured in Magento.

Payments are downloaded once every hour, at 40 minutes past the hour.

Brightpearl will only check for payments captured in the last 30 days, since most payment providers can only authorize a payment for that length of time.


Will shipping automatically capture the payment?

Brightpearl will only download payments once the order in Magento is marked as paid. Unless your payment gateway extension supports auto-capture of payments (e.g. when the order is shipped) you will usually be required to log into your payment provider and manually release the payments.

Check your Magento extension for details.

Payment methods & bank accounts used for Magento payments

When payments download from Magento they will all be assigned the same payment method, with the exception of PayPal transactions.

You will need to ensure that payment methods are set up at Settings > Company > Payment methods. Your payment methods must be assigned bank accounts so that the sales receipt accounting can be created.

  • Non-PayPal payments - the payment method used is the one with the same code as the bank account set on the Magento store in Brightpearl
  • PayPal payments - If you are using PayPal as a payment gateway on Magento then you will also need to install the PayPal app on Brightpearl so that you can set the bank account

Note : Custom payment methods, such as "On-account" will not create a payment or sales receipt in Brightpearl.

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How to download payments from Magento

Payments will automatically download with the order as long as it has been authorized and captured. Payments which have been authorized only will not download when they are later processed and captured.

PayPal payments require the PayPal account (nominal) code to be defined in the setup are:

  1. Go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > PayPal .
  2. Select the PayPal bank account . No other settings area required for Magento.
  3. Save your changes.

All other payments methods will be automatically created using the bank account selected on the Magento store setup in Brightpearl:

  1. Go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Magento .
  2. Click Edit store .
  3. Select the Bank account to allocate payments into.
  4. Save your changes.
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