Order Status Updates (Magento)

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Changing the status of an order in Brightpearl will update the order status in Magento where the order statuses are connected.

Note that shipping in Brightpearl does not automatically change the order status, so shipping will not update the order status in Magento either. Shipping uploads details of a shipment indicating which items were included in the delivery, the shipping method and the tracking reference from Brightpearl. Multiple shipments can be recorded against a single order. These can all be seen in the shipments section of the order in Magento.

The order status can be manually updated in Brightpearl in order to update Magento. This can be done one at a time with the order or in batches from the sales list.

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How to connect order statuses to Magento (update order statuses)

Connecting Brightpearl order statuses to Magento order statuses means that it is possible to update Magento as the status is changed in Brightpearl.

  1. Log in to your Magento admin account and go to System > Order statuses .
  2. Make a note of the Status name or  Status Code of each status that is to be connected to Brightpearl. These may differ from account to account if order statuses have been customized.
  3. In Brightpearl, go to  Settings > Sales > Sales statuses .
  4. Click the Connect link against the order status to be linked to Magento.
  5. Select the Magento store you are connecting to.
  6. Enter the  status name or status code  into the field exactly as it appears in Magento and click  Connect . An incorrect entry will cause orders to be assigned a blank status in Magento. If this occurs the code can be edited, but the status won't automatically update.
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