Drop-Shipping Orders (Magento)

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

Once an order has downloaded from Magento into Brightpearl it can be drop-shipped by using advanced fulfilment. Advanced fulfilment allows the creation of a drop-ship purchase order. which can be sent to the supplier to request a delivery to the customer. A drop-ship purchase order uses the customer address as the delivery address and does not allow inventory to be received against it, since the items never come into stock.

Once shipped the supplier will usually let you know they have sent the items and send you the invoice to pay. The invoice should be received against the purchase order as normal in order to update accounting and your supplier account balance.

At this point, you can choose whether the sales order will be marked as shipped once the purchase invoice has been received or whether they will be marked as shipped at another stage of the drop-ship process. This setting can be found in  Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings :

additional action

If you select no, you will find an additional action against any drop-ship purchase orders to Mark as Shipped. Selecting to do so will mark the entire order as shipped, and automatically update the parent sales order rows as well; sending a shipment notification to Magento. When marking as shipped, you can also enter a Tracking Reference and Shipping Method for your drop-ship orders.

sales order as shipped

You can also mark the parent sales orders as shipped in bulk from within the Purchases list.

You may wish to also update the order status of the purchase order to indicate that the items have been shipped to the customer.

If you choose to mark the drop-ship purchase orders as shipped, you will also have the option to enter a tracking reference and shipping method. These details will be added to the parent order as an order note.

dropship PO tracking

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