Overview of the Brightpearl Magento App

 All documentation in this document relates to a previous version of the Brightpearl Magento extension which will be deactivated in 2018. If you are using this previous version, please contact us about upgrading.

For help with the current extension, please see the Magento section. 

One or more Magento accounts can be connected to Brightpearl allowing management of products, inventory levels, prices, orders and shipments from within Brightpearl.

This is an introduction to how Brightpearl and Magento work together. You can read more detail about connecting your accounts and detailed information on how it works in the other topics in this section.

magento overview

Products, inventory & pricing

Products need to exist as records in both Magento and Brightpearl and are connected SKU-to-SKU through the app.  All products must be replicated across both systems and given the same unique SKU in both applications.

Brightpearl will manage both prices and inventory levels on Magento - both of which can be individually activated or deactivated as desired. An update is sent to Magento each time a price is updated or the on-hand inventory level changes in Brightpearl.

Any changes made in Magento will not be transferred to Brightpearl and Brightpearl will override those changes the next time an update is made.

Customers, orders & tax

When a customer makes a purchase through the Magento store the order will download into Brightpearl. Brightpearl checks for new orders every 7 minutes, but a download can be manually initiated at any time.

An order from a repeat customer will be placed against their existing record in Brightpearl, matched by the main email address. A record is created for new customers whether they checked out as a guest or registered for an account. Customer records are only created when an order is received and downloaded.

The order will automatically add the product and allocate (reserve) the inventory in Brightpearl , therefore reducing the on-hand inventory and subsequently updating the availability on Magento and all other sales channels.

Tax is applied to orders directly within Magento using the Magento tax rates and rules. When the order is downloaded into Brightpearl the tax value that was applied to the order is provided, but not the tax code. Brightpearl will choose a tax code based on various rules built into the app.

Order comments

Comments entered by the customer on check out can be downloaded into the notes and payment history section of the order in Brightpearl.

Custom options

Custom options defined in Magento against individual products will download as line items on the order in Brightpearl. This allows customization of products, such as engraving messages to be recorded.

Shipping & drop-shipping

The order will need to be fulfilled and then marked as shipped in Brightpearl.

An order can be split into one or more shipments as long as the order remains a single order record - as it is connected to a Magento order ID.

Each shipment made in Brightpearl is recorded against the order in Magento. In order to update the order status in Magento order statuses must be connected as part of the app setup.

Magento orders can be drop-shipped by using advanced fulfillment to create a purchase order which is then sent to the supplier. A shipment update is sent to Magento once the purchase invoice is received in Brightpearl.

Any shipping charges will need to be configured directly in Magento and will be added to the order in Brightpearl as a line item.


Payment methods will need to be configured directly in Magento.

Once a payment is recorded on the order in Magento the amount will be downloaded into Brightpearl to create the accounting and mark a payment against the order.

Deposits and part payments are also supported. 

Discounts & promotions

Promotions and discount coupons are setup directly in Magento for offering money off to customers purchasing online. When a discounted order downloads into Brightpearl the products are added at the discounted price - the original price and discount amount is not retrieved. The details of coupons and codes will not be downloaded.

Cancellations, refunds & returns

If a new and unprocessed order is cancelled it will need to be placed on the "cancelled" order status in both Magento & Brightpearl, if the order statuses are connected it can be done simultaneously from within Brightpearl. For returns, a sales credit must be created in Brightpearl to receive the items back into inventory and account for any refunded amount. The refund of money needs to be made to the customer via the payment provider.

Multiple account, or multiple websites, stores & store views

Multiple separate Magento accounts can be connected with Brightpearl, each account requiring a separate set up.

Where a single Magento account contains multiple websites and stores, only a single app is used to connect the global data - site specifics need to be handled in Magento.


A Magento account must be set to use the same base currency as your Brightpearl account. Additional currencies can be defined in Magento for selling online. Those foreign currency sales will display in Brightpearl as the currency the customer paid in.

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