Parking / Holding Sales in EPOS

If a customer asks you to hold an item for them, perhaps they will come back later, or they ring and will come and collect it, you can reserve the item by creating a sale and parking it. Parking a sale will save it for later but also allocate the inventory. Allocated inventory cannot be sold to another customer and will update your on hand availability across all your sales channels to it doesn’t sell again.

To be able to park a sale in EPOS you will need to have created and selected a “parked” sales status in the EPOS setup screen at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale . Once this is done the Park  button can be seen in EPOS.

park button

Recalling a parked sale

Parked sales can be recalled by any user. Click the Parked link at the bottom of EPOS to view all parked sales. To cancel a parked sale, perhaps where a customer has not returned in the same day, click Void . Voiding a parked sale will release the inventory back into on hand stock and move the order in back office to your “canceled” status. Opening a parked sale will allow you to pick it up where you left off, closing and taking payment as normal.

parked sales

When you un-park a sale, it will be updated to the "new EPOS sale" status so will be no longer be considered parked. You will need to click the Park button to re-park it.

Cleaning out parked sales

Sometimes the customer will never come back, in this scenario you'd probably want to clean out the parked sales list periodically. We suggest that you do this from the back office using the sales list filters. Search for all orders created on your chosen EPOS channel, created between two dates, where the sale is not yet invoiced. You can then batch delete if you want.

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