Processing a sale in EPOS

Each new sale begins by clicking the New sale button.

If you have selected a price list to always be used with EPOS at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Point of Sale , you will be taken straight in to begin adding items onto the sale against the anonymous customer. If you haven’t set a price list you will be asked to select the price list to use with the anonymous customer record, or to look up an existing or add a new customer.

Change customer

If you decide to collect the customer details but have already started a new sale, click Change customer in the top right to search for an existing or add a new customer record.

Add items/products to the sale

Add items / products – with a scanner

Your cursor by default will be in the product lookup field at the top; it will be yellow. If it isn’t yellow, simply click into the field then scan the product barcode.

The item code will be typed into the field and it will automatically search for the item. If it finds a match the product will be added to the order.

You can also type the product ID or barcode and hit enter to do the same type of search.

Add items / products – by searching

Click into the search box at the top of the screen, type the product name and then click the Find item button.

You can also find products by their:

  • SKU
  • UPC, ISBN or EAN code
  • Barcode

Alternatively, you can search for products using the Find item  button using any of the above criteria, or by Brightpearl product ID. You can also use this type of search to see inventory levels and add multiple items.

Add items / products – quick add buttons

Click the Quick-add button to view special items that can be added with a single click.

To make an item/product show here you need to set it as “Featured” within the product record in back office.

Add items / products – miscellaneous with or without tax

Use the Misc (tax) and Misc (no Tax) buttons to add additional lines on to the sale. You can then manually type the details, such as “Discount” and enter a price, e.g. -10.


Note that seasons are not applied to EPOS sales since these sales depend upon what the customer brings to the till. A season restriction could block a sale.

Prices and quantities

Prices can be edited within EPOS before closing the sale, this will show in the back office with the price it was actually sold for and the list price. It does not get recorded as discount. If a customer is buying more than one of the same item, you can add it once and then amend the quantity. You can also specify the quantity in the product search modal before adding.


Discount can be added as an additional Misc item using a negative price, or by applying a percentage discount per line or overall.

This will be seen in the back office as a discount, and posted to the discount nominal code as set at Settings > Company > Accounts: Nominals .

Close the sale and take payment

When you are ready to complete the sale you’ll need to click the Close + Pay button. This will show you how much the customer owes you. You’ll need to take the money from the customer, processing any card payment outside of Brightpearl. EPOS does not integrate directly with any payment provider.

You’ll need to record how they paid and click the Complete Sale button. This will close the sale and mark the order as invoiced, shipped and paid in back office, creating all the necessary accounting entries.

Note : You will see the coupon and email fields only if you have allowed staff to select coupons/set a default coupon and selected an email template in the EPOS setup screen.

close and pay

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