Product Lookup (without a Sale)

Imagine you have a customer in your shop asking if you have a particular item in stock or how much an item costs, or perhaps they just want more information. As long as you have all this data stored in Brightpearl you’ll be able to view it using the product lookup.

The product lookup is available when you are not creating a sale in EPOS; it’s the first thing you see and can be found by clicking the Home link at any time.


Once a product it found, click on its name to view further information such as the description, inventory levels at all warehouses and whether you are expecting a delivery soon.


This can be useful for informing customers that you don’t have any in stock in this shop but your other store does, or you are expecting some in on a certain day.

If you have inventory update permissions you can also perform inventory corrections directly in EPOS.

You can even include an image by adding the image into the product description.

product look up

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