Inventory Management in EPOS

Since Brightpearl Point of Sale is live, and runs off the same inventory database as the rest of your business, your shop staff have instant access to the latest information. If you're running a multi-channel operation where you may be selling the same items in store, on your online shop, via eBay and so on, you'll need to keep a close eye on inventory levels.

Brightpearl Point of Sale will let you know when an item has been fully allocated elsewhere and there is none left on hand; as soon as you add it to the sale you'll get a pop up warning.

How to handle stock level warnings

You clearly have the item in stock, as the customer is standing at the till with it in their hand, so why is Brightpearl saying you don't have any? Brightpearl EPOS runs off the "on hand" figure. This means that you may have ten on the shelf, but if someone places an order online then the system may automatically allocate all ten to that customer, leaving zero "on hand".

You can see inventory detail for an item by clicking the item name on the EPOS screen. This opens a window with inventory information from your other stores as well as information on any currently allocated inventory. 

To un-allocate inventory you'll need to have back office access.

You can still continue and sell the item at Point of Sale, but an automatic correction will be made for you when you close the sale (you can't have negative inventory levels in Brightpearl). This will create an accounting journal to add the item into stock as long as the product has a price on the "Cost" price list.

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