Discount Codes, Coupons or Vouchers

EPOS discounts & coupons

Brightpearl coupons and coupon codes can be used in Brightpearl EPOS to offer customer discount on their purchases.

Coupons can be created to offer a percentage or fixed monetary discount for singular or multiple use through a specific period of time.

How to create a discount coupon or coupon code

  1. Go to  Marketing > Discount codes .
  2. Click  Add coupon .
  3. Complete the fields as required:
    - Name -  The name of the coupon/discount code.
    - Code -  This code can be used to apply the discount in EPOS.
    - Amount -  The degree of discount, which can be a percentage of the order total or a fixed sum.
    - Description -  Enter a description to identify your promotion.
    - Minimum Order Value -  Use this field to set a minimum order quantity required to receive this discount.
    - Uses Per Coupon -  Maximum number of times a discount code can be used.
    - Uses Per User -  Limits the number of times a user can use any one discount code.
    - Start and Expires -  Date range the code is valid for.
    - Campaign -  Associate this discount code with a marketing campaign ID.
    - #users -  Identifies how many times the code has been used in total.
    - #users -  Identifies how many different customers have used this discount code.
  4. Click  Save .
  5. To print a coupon with a barcode, use the icon next to the coupon to display the barcode. Right-click to save the image. You can then include this barcode on your promotional flyer or voucher. These can be scanned in Brightpearl EPOS to automatically apply the discount.

How to use a coupon in EPOS

  1. Open the EPOS console.
  2. Click the Scan coupon link at the top of the page.
  3. In the pop-up window either type the coupon code and then press enter, or simply scan the coupon barcode. The discount is automatically applied to the sale, taking into account any of the coupon rules such as minimum spend.
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