ekmPowershop Alerts

"We have been unable to add the product "XXXXX" to order XXXXX, so it's been added as a Misc item. Please read our support documentation on how to ship the itme and prevent this from happening again."

This alert means that an order has downloaded for an item which did not match any product SKU in Brightpearl. Where no product of the same SKU exists in Brightpearl it won't stop any sales of the item downloading but it means that Brightpearl cannot recognize the item so isn't able to manage inventory levels. It also means that when the order downloads that the item is added as a miscellaneous non-stock tracked line item, just as if you have manually typed the details onto the order row. When this happens no inventory is allocated and there is no item to ship.

If there is a product which should have been used, you will need to do the following:

  1. Delete the miscellaneous row and then add the Brightpearl product.
  2. Allocate the inventory.
  3. Ensure that the Brightpearl product and ekmPowershop product have the same SKU.

Once the order in Brightpearl is marked as shipped in full, the order on ekmPowershop will also be marked as shipped in full.

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