Shipping eBay orders

Once your orders have downloaded into Brightpearl they will be visible on the recent sales list along with all your other orders. All orders from eBay need to be processed through fulfillment and shipping in Brightpearl (or via your shipping application). As these processes are completed Brightpearl will update eBay to mark the order as shipped and add any tracking reference.

Summary of shipping features

Process Possible for eBay orders?
Partial shipping (multiple shipments) Yes
Split items to back order No
Bundle shipping Yes
Send tracking reference to eBay Yes
Dropshipping Yes

Partial shipment

Once downloaded into Brightpearl you are able to use advanced fulfillment to send the ordered items in multiple shipments. This is done by creating multiple goods-out notes.

The order on eBay remains a single order. Since eBay does not support partial shipping, the eBay order will be marked as shipped in full only once the final item has been shipped in Brightpearl (order is fully shipped).

Back orders

Back orders should not be created for eBay orders. Multiple shipments should be managed using partial fulfillment. If an item is split to back order it will no longer have a link to eBay. This means that no shipping updates will be uploaded for it.

Bundle shipping

Bundles can be created in Brightpearl and connected to an eBay listing. The bundle will be added to the downloaded order. When the order is fully shipped in Brightpearl the order will be updated to shipped in eBay.

Dropshipping eBay orders

eBay orders can be dropshipped by using advanced fulfillment to create a dropship purchase order.

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