Price lists and currencies with eBay

You can configure your eBay connector to sync prices from Brightpearl to eBay. When active, Brightpearl will update eBay listings using the relevant price list.

Changes made in eBay will not download into Brightpearl.

When will prices update?

When the price sync is active on the eBay sales channel, prices will be updated in near real time. Price updates are triggered at the following times:

  • When the a product is first connected to a listing on eBay
  • When the connected product is saved with or without any changes having been made
  • When the connected product is included on a product import with or without any updates being made
  • When the product price is updated in Brightpearl, including updates made using the price list import 
  • When the listing is disconnected and then reconnected to the product in Brightpearl

Prices will also be updated on eBay even when the price sync is inactive in the following cases:

  • When the item is relisted

Prices will not update in these cases:

  • Activating the price sync after connecting a listing to a product, unless one of the above scenarios is created

When first implementing the eBay app in Brightpearl, you may wish to deactivate price and inventory synchronization until you've finished the setup and are ready to start using the connector. However, it's worth nothing that enabling synchronization settings later on will not automatically immediately update eBay, so eBay could still potentially display items which are out of stock in Brightpearl. 

When synchronization is active, prices and inventory levels are automatically sent to eBay when the listing is first connected to a product. After the initial connection, updates are only sent to eBay once the prices or inventory levels change - so if the synchronization of prices or inventory is activated after the listing and product are connected, the updates will only happen as subsequent changes happen in Brightpearl.

Out of sync prices

Customers will always be charged the price seen on eBay. When an order downloads it will always show the price charged on eBay.

Which price list is used?

A default price list is assigned to each eBay account integrated with Brightpearl. This must be set up in the same currency as the eBay site the channel is connecting to.

Additional price lists can be used by assigning them to listing profiles. The currency should always be in relevant currency for the eBay site on which the listing will be made. Note that there are two methods of international listing:

  • Passive - where the listing is created on the domestic eBay site using the domestic currency but it offers international shipping options. eBay will convert these price for the relevant international sites. These listing profiles should be assigned the domestic currency price list.
  • Active - where the listing is created on the international eBay site using the foreign currency. These listing profiles should be assigned a price list using the relevant currency.

The price list is assigned when it is connected to a product record. Where the connection is made SKU-to-SKU, the price list set on the eBay account is used. International listings will need to be manually connected so that the relevant price list is selected on connection.

When using the relist function, the price list used will be the one selected for your eBay channel in  Settings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay. It is recommended to setup a designated eBay price list to be used with this channel via Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists, and ensure all of your eBay products have an amount entered on this price list.

It is not possible to assign a price list which has no price for the product.

Should prices be net or gross?

The price displayed for a fixed price listing on eBay is always inclusive of any tax - this is the amount the customer will pay. When Brightpearl uploads prices, it will ensure that it is tax inclusive so that the price displays correctly on the listing. This means that if a Brightpearl price list is set as "excludes tax", and is used with eBay listings, that tax will be added onto the price during the upload to eBay where the product is set as taxable.

In the UK you should always synchronize gross price lists (tax inclusive). This means that the price you see in Brightpearl is the price displayed on eBay. It is particularly important where you are listing the item on a foreign currency marketplace. If you synchronize a net price list Brightpearl will still add on VAT using the product tax code even though the item is being listed in a country where tax should not be added.

When actively listing in Europe using a UK eBay account, ensure that the Euro price list is set as "Gross". This will prevent VAT from being added to your prices on upload with eBay and artificially inflating prices on VAT exempt sites.

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How to activate or deactivate price sync for eBay

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Settings .
  2. Check or uncheck the price sync option.
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