Managing Listings - Edit, End, Relist

An eBay listing status can be completely managed from within Brightpearl.

This section will help with editing, ending or relisting items on eBay, including adding additional variations into a live listing.

A live listing will need to be or have been connected to a Brightpearl product in order to edit, end or relist it from Brightpearl. This happens automatically when new listings are created from Brightpearl, but for listings that were already on eBay when the accounts are connected they will need to be matched SKU-to-SKU or manually as part of your implementation.

Editing eBay listings

eBay listings can be edited from within the Brightpearl either one-by-one or in batches.

It is possible to update incomplete, draft and live listings, but not listings which have ended or which are not connected to Brightpearl products.

An eBay listing can be viewed and edited by locating it on the Active eBay Listings report  at  Channels > eBay > eBay Listings or from the eBay Listings tab within a product record.

Editing eBay listings in batches

Listings can be edited in batches from the Active eBay Listings report as long as they are connected to Brightpearl products. Changes made will be applied across all the listings selected as part of the batch.

Adding a new variation to an eBay listing

Once new option values have been added into a product group in Brightpearl, the new variants can be added into an existing eBay listing. For example, a t-shirt available in red, blue or green is also now stocked in orange, orange is added as an option value in the product group in Brightpearl to create a new product. The original colors (red, blue and green) have already been listed on eBay as a variant listing, so the the new variant (orange) can be added into the same eBay listing from within Brightpearl. The variant is added to the listing from the eBay listing in Brightpearl, under Variations.

Ending eBay listings

Brightpearl will never end an eBay listing unless you ask it to. If your inventory runs out in Brightpearl the listing will simply be set to out-of-stock. When the item comes back into stock the listing will be automatically re-activated. 

eBay listings will only end in the following ways:

  • The listing is ended by eBay after the number of active days lapses
  • The stock runs out on eBay because the last item available sells on eBay (cannot be prevented by Brightpearl)
  • The listing is manually ended in eBay or from the listings screen in Brightpearl

When a listing is ended on eBay it will be disconnected from the Brightpearl product and moved to the Ended Listings report in Brightpearl at Channels > eBay > eBay Listings :

This list will display an ended listing which meets the following criteria:

  • It ended within the last 90 days
  • The listings was once connected to a product / published from Brightpearl
  • It is the most recent listing for a product (i.e. earlier listings connected to the same product which have ended will be removed from the report)

Prevent eBay listings from running out of stock

It is possible to continue selling on eBay even when you have run out of stock using the following setting:

  • Set a minimum listing quantity (beta)
    This is a listing profile setting which can be controlled on a per listing basis. It allows a specific quantity to be set for the listing. If a minimum quantity is set, the listing will always be reset to that quantity even where the on-hand quantity in Brightpearl is more or less than that value. This cannot, however, prevent eBay from ending the listing if a single buyer purchases all of the listed items.

    Note that this setting will always take precedence over any other inventory controls, i.e. on-hand availability or maximum (or limited) quantity.

Relisting items on eBay

When using Brightpearl with eBay your eBay seller account should be set to use the out-of-stock-option. This means that your listings won't end, but if the availability becomes zero the listing shows as out of stock. When more stock is added the item becomes available to purchase again.

If your eBay seller account is not set to use the out-of-stock-option then eBay will end the listing as soon as the availability hits zero. The item must then be manually relisted.

Will I lose my listing history by relisting?

Relisted items will lose the "sold" number but they will retain the ranking of the previous listing. If the previous listing had high conversion rates (impressions to sales) and was well ranked, the new listing will inherit this.

Listings will have to be manually relisted in the following circumstances:

  • The listing was manually ended in eBay or from the listings screen in Brightpearl
  • The listing ended due the number of active days lapsing (i.e. end after 30 days)
  • The listing ended by eBay due to no stock (where out of stock is not activated on the eBay seller account)

Note : Auction listings are not fully supported. We recommend that auction listings are not used with Brightpearl.

How to relist items on eBay

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > eBay Listings .
  2. Select the Ended Listings tab.
  3. Use the filters to locate one or more listings to be relisted.
  4. Select each listing to be relisted.
  5. Click the Relist button at the top of the report.

If the item is relisted from eBay you must ensure that it is re-connected to the product in Brightpearl. If "Auto-connect by SKU" is active for the account this will happen automatically where the SKUs match, otherwise it must be done manually.

When using the relist function, the price list used will be the one selected for your eBay channel in  Settings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay . It is recommended to setup a designated eBay price list to be used with this channel via  Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists , and ensure all of your eBay products have an amount entered for this price list.

How to activate the out-of-stock-option on your eBay seller account

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences .
  3. Under the Selling Preferences section select Use the out-of-stock-option .

Managing eBay's listing update limit

You can choose to limit real time stock updates to only kick in at critical stock levels, to avoid exceeding eBay’s listing update limits. eBay allows 150 updates per day per listing including variations, which can mean fast moving listings regularly exceed the daily update limit.

By limiting updates to those most critical, you can use your stock update allocation more efficiently.

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