Smartforms for WordPress

The Brightpearl smartforms plugin for WordPress allows you to quickly and easily insert lead capture forms to your blog posts or pages. Once installed and configured you can drop your chosen contact form in to your blog simply by typing {brightpearl_smartform}.

Download WordPress here

Download the Brightpearl smartforms for WordPress plugin here

Learn more about smartforms here


Download the plugin and save it to your computer, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress and go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Select Upload as the plugin source.
  3. Select the file you just downloaded and click Install Now.
  4. On the following screen after the plugin has installed click Activate Plugin Now.


In Brightpearl

  1. Go to Marketing > Smartforms.
  2. Click the edit pencil icon for the relevant Smartform.
  3. Select the Embed/link tab.
  4. Scroll down to the WordPress Plugin section.
  5. Make a note of your Brightpearl smartform domain.
  6. Make a note of the smartform code shown (you might want to copy and paste it to a text file as you will need it later).
  7. Also make a note of your account ID.

In WordPress

  1. From the settings menu on the left hand side click Brightpearl.
  2. Enter the Brightpearl smartform domain and default smartform code as noted in the previous steps.
  3. Enter your account ID.
  4. Save your changes to complete the configuration process.

Using Brightpearl smartforms for WordPress

You can use the Brightpearl smartforms plugin from within the Posts section or the Pages section. To use the form you set as your default smartform all you need to enter within the body of your blog post or page is:


If you want to use a smartform other than the one you set as your default you can do this by adding the smartform code to the end of the Brightpearl smartforms tag. For example:

{brightpearl_smartform VHhjUaitJj10iadDaOS9s_AZ4sdXncdKDRje72PoFFw,}

To make things easy you can find the WordPress code for any smartform in your Brightpearl account by looking at the Embed/link tab while editing the form.

Common Questions

Why don't I see the "Plugins" menu in my WordPress admin?

You can only install and configure Brightpearl smartforms if you are logged in as an administrator for your WordPress. Additionally you must be running your own WordPress install, you can not install Brightpearl smartform to a hosted account.

Will Brightpearl SmartForms work with

No, at the moment you can not use the Brightpearl smartforms plugin with You need to have your own installation of WordPress to use Brightpearl smartforms.

How do I edit the smartform style?

Brightpearl smartforms can be styled using the included CSS style sheet. In Word press go to Plugins > Editor, then select Brightpearl CRM Smartforms from the drop menu top-left. Now select pearl-smartforms/styles.css from the file list on the right and make your changes in the editor window. Don't forget to save your changes!

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