Improved Contact Search

Our contact search provides scalable; near real-time search ensuring you can search for your contacts quickly.

What has changed?

When searching for contacts, Brightpearl used to search on any contact that contained a combination of the letters you were searching for.

As an example, searching for Fashion would have produced results for contacts containing “ash” or “ion” as well as “fashion”; increasing the chances of irrelevant results being shown.

With this new search functionality, we can now search on whole words as standard; producing more relevant results. For example, searching for Fashion in your contacts; will now only show you results containing “fashion” as a whole word.


What else can you do with our contact search?

Wildcard and unknown characters

You might find there are occasions when you cannot remember the entire name or company name of a contact.

Using wildcards can help you find these contacts; rather than having to search through your entire contact list.

Take the example of searching for a company called JDJ Fashion. You can remember that the company name contains DJ Fashion, but you can’t quite remember the rest of the company name.

If you search for “*DJ Fashion”, Brightpearl will see the asterisk as an unknown character and will find all contacts that begin with any character and  ends with DJ Fashion.

dj fashion

Note : if you do not include the inverted commas, Brightpearl will show results for any contact with DJ or Fashion in their record.

Search for complete phrases

To help with finding a specific contact; you can search on complete phrases using “inverted commas”.

For example, if you search for Fashion Company; we will show you results for all contacts with Fashion or Company in the contact record.

fashion company

If you now amend your search to include inverted commas; such as “Fashion Company”; then you will now only see results for contacts containing this complete phrase. Contacts with just Fashion or Company included in their records will not be shown.

fashion company

Where can this functionality be used?

The contact search function can be used within the Quick Search bar for customers and/or vendors; as well as from within the search box in the Show filter screen for each of the contact lists.

What fields can you search on?

You can search across all fields that can be included in your contact lists except custom fields. You can also search by contact ID and eBay alias. Please note that these searchable fields do not need to be added to your contact list in order for contacts to be found when searching for these terms.

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