Online accounts / web portal

Every Brightpearl account comes with a free web portal , which allows both customers and suppliers to view their account.

Customers can:

  • View quote/order/invoice status history and progress
  • Reprint invoices
  • View a financial statement
  • Approve quotes
  • Pay for orders/invoices online (requires PayPal or SagePay)
  • View a financial statements
  • Update personal information

Suppliers can:

  • Acknowledge receipt of orders and add a reference number
  • Confirm shipment of orders

Activate your web portal in Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings .

Give your customers access to their information

Impress customers with your Brightpearl online portal that allows clients to re-print invoices, make on-line payments, download a statement of account.

Order collaboration

All orders are listed in your portal so customers can track their order from when the order was place right through to delivery. No more incoming calls asking "where is my order", "what's my tracking number".

Improve your customer service

Manage your customer relationships in a professional way using the Brightpearl "Helpdesk". When customers have a problem or enquiry, they can raise support tickets for your customer service team to process. All information is stored on tickets, when new information is added to tickets or you change the status of an incident, automatic email/sms alerts are sent to your customer and team. Read more here.

Setting Up

Your portal is all ready to go without you needing to change it at all, but if you want to change the colors and css then there are options at Settings > Company > Web portal . If you know your way around CSS then you can also add custom styles.


Make sure you've uploaded a logo too - this needs to be a JPEG, which will be resized to 200px wide, 120px high. You can also upload your logo at Settings > Company > Company information . If you have separate channel brands created, the web portal will always use your default channel branding.

Giving access to the web portal

Giving your contact access to the web portal is as easy as setting them up with a password:

  1. First of all activate your web portal, go to Settings > Helpdesk > Helpdesk settings .
  2. Search for and open your customer/supplier record.
  3. Select the Info tab .
  4. Click the Password link just below the Fax field and set them a password.

Alternatively the contact can register themselves by navigating to your portal and clicking on the forgotten password link. If they submit their email address, which must be the one they are registered with on their account in Brightpearl, a password will then be emailed directly to them.

Accessing the Portal

Depending on your account data centre (found in your account login URL) the login page for your web portal will be:

  • USE1: accountID
  • EUW1: accountID

Remember to update the accountID at the end of the URL to your own accountID .

Hiding quotes/orders in the portal

Whilst a sale is still at the "opportunity" stage, or perhaps it's a draft quote, you don't want the client to be able to see it in the portal. You can set your order statuses to be public or private so that only public orders are displayed within the portal.

Who can see the quotes/orders/invoices?

There can be a number of email addresses on each record. If the contact is created in Brightpearl with this email address then each one of these people will be able to see the details if they log into the web portal. This allows multiple staff at the client company to be party to the same up to date information.


One click log in, "Click here to view or pay online"

When you email quotes and invoices to customers you can activate a one time link directly to their invoice on the web portal. This allows them to open the document in the web portal without having to enter their log in details. For security reasons this will only work once, but they can always log in the normal way.

Receiving payments via the portal

To allow your customers to make payments via the portal you will need to set up payment methods, such as PayPal  via Settings > Other > Payment methods . Once a payment has been processed by the customer in the portal it will create the accounting in Brightpearl and mark the invoice as paid where necessary.

Approving quotes

Customers can approve any quote you give them from within the web portal. To activate this functionality you will need to:

  • Create an "approved" order status, ensuring this is public on the web portal
  • Select that status as your "approved" status on the sales workflow

All the customer then needs to do is log in to their account, open the quote, enter a comment and hit the Approve button. The quote will automatically move to the "approved" order status so you know it is ready to be processed.


Acknowledging orders

When you are sending purchase orders to suppliers you will want to know that they have received them. They can do this online by logging into the web portal and acknowledging the order. To activate this option you will need to:

  • Create an "acknowledged" order status, ensuring this is public on the web portal
  • Select that status as your "acknowledged" status in the purchase settings

All the supplier then needs to do is log in to their account and go to the Orders section. A list of purchase orders  due to acknowledge will be listed. All they need to do is click the View details link then enter a reference and hit the Acknowledge button. The purchase order will automatically move to the "acknowledged" order status and an "acknowledged" note will be added onto the order, so you know it is being processed by your supplier.

Receive shipping confirmations

When you have placed orders with suppliers, particularly drop-ship purchase orders, you will want to know when the supplier has dispatched the order. They can do this online through the web portal. First of all you will need to:

  • Create a new "shipped" purchase order status
  • Select this status as your "shipped" status in the purchase settings

The supplier will need to log into their account, go to the orders section, search for and view the details for the order. They can confirm it as shipped by entering the shipping details in the comment area and saving. The comment will be added to the notes on the order and it will automatically be moved to your "shipped" status.

How do I hide the "Powered by Brightpearl" link in the portal?

You can edit the way the portal looks using CSS at Settings > Company > Web portal . You'll need to work with someone who knows CSS to hide the link.

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