Variants (BigCommerce)

BigCommerce supports variants such as sizes and colors, allowing you to manage the items as a group. Customers buying on your BigCommerce store will be able to select which variant combination they want to purchase.

bc variants

You can also create variants in Brightpearl either manually or by downloading them from BigCommerce. As long as each variant has the same SKU in both BigCommerce and Brightpearl inventory and orders will work fine.

Each variant in BigCommerce has its own SKU, and each variant in Brightpearl has its own separate product record and SKU, and so they connect as usual SKU-to-SKU. Each item has its own inventory level managed by Brightpearl as for any other single product.

Variants can be created in Brightpearl as part of the product import from BigCommerce; new options or option values will be created as part of the process. Where options and option values already exist in Brightpearl they will be used.


Variant SKUs listed on a BigCommerce product

bc variant

Variant products listed in Brightpearl

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