Inventory Management (BigCommerce)

Brightpearl is the central inventory management system for all your integrated sales channels and should be where you maintain a master list of all your products. Ensuring inventory is effectively managed your products will need to be assigned unique SKUs which are standardized across all your channels. This enables your products to connect across applications. This connection is essential for updating inventory levels on each of your sales channels.

Inventory levels

Brightpearl provides several different inventory levels to help you monitor what’s on your shelf, what’s allocated to orders and how much you have left available to sell - the quantity on-hand. It is this on-hand inventory level which is sent to Bigcommerce and your other sales channels.

You will see your inventory update on BigCommerce within a minute or two of the change.

The on-hand level is updated each time one of the following occurs:

  • Inventory is allocated to a sales order
  • Inventory is received on a purchase order
  • A correction is done to add or remove inventory
  • Items are received on a sales credit (and returned to stock)

Bundles & kits

BigCommerce does not support bundles or kits, but a simple product can be used to list multiple items. This simple product can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle. This allows you to manage inventory for each item individually and sell them individually too. When an order downloads the bundle will add on each individual item. But there are limitations. A Brightpearl bundle is non-stock tracked and has no quantity so you will need to manage availability manually on BigCommerce. And since only the bundle line, and not the contents of the bundle, is connected to BigCommerce no shipping update will be sent as this line is non-stock tracked and never considered shipped.


Each BigCommerce store integrated with Brightpearl can be linked with multiple warehouses in Brightpearl for synchronizing inventory levels. Where more than one warehouse is selected the combined on-hand inventory levels will be uploaded to BigCommerce. However, only a single warehouse can be selected for automatically allocating inventory on the downloaded order. Items on the same order can be shipped from multiple warehouses using advanced fulfillment.

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How to synchronize inventory levels on Bigcommerce

This functionality has been temporarily disabled

Your Brightpearl implementation consultant can do this for you, otherwise, please contact our Support team who will be able to assist.

  1. Access the ecommerce connector via Brightpearl, go to App Store and click Setup for Bigcommerce. 

bc set-up

  1. Log into the connector using your Brightpearl staff login.
  2. Once in the connector select Action > Update Inventory Levels  for the relevant channel.
    inventory refresh
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