Amazon Customers

Customer records are required for every order in Brightpearl. They hold important information for orders, such as delivery name and address, billing name and address, currencies, tax codes and discounts.

New customers

When an order downloads from Amazon the customer details are provided with it so that a record can be created for them. Amazon provides a limited amount of information on the customer, so that the order can be processed successfully, but so that their customers retain some data protection.

What information Amazon provides:

  • Amazon user name
  • Amazon generated email (unique per user marketplace)
  • Delivery name and address
  • Telephone number

The customer will automatically be assigned to the price list selected on the Amazon marketplace setup in Brightpearl.

Existing customers

If the customer has purchased from you via Amazon previously (and the order downloaded to Brightpearl), a record will already exist. Rather than create a new record every time, the existing record will be select by matching the user email address.

Customers buying on multiple marketplaces

Since each marketplace gives the customer a different Amazon email address, a new customer record is created per marketplace through which they buy your products.

Merging duplicated customers

There may be times where you recognize a customer (from Amazon) who has purchased from you through other channels or through separate Amazon Marketplaces and you have a duplicated customer record for them. It is possible to merge these records into one. The email addresses will all be transferred to the retained record (max 3 main emails). If the customer orders via Amazon again it will match the customer based on any of the three main email addresses on their record.

Updating / changing customer details

If the customer updates their details on Amazon, for example their name or email address, a new order will still be linked to the same customer record in Brightpearl. Since Amazon will continue to use the same Amazon generated email address it is still matched during the download.

If the customer updates their billing details it will not affect the record in Brightpearl, since Amazon do not provide those details during the order download.

If the customer chooses a different delivery address than previously used, the customer record is not updated, but the order will use the new delivery address. The billing address on the order will be the same address as on the customer record.

If the customer’s Amazon email address is changed or removed from the Brightpearl record it will no longer be possible for the integration to match the record with a new order. Therefore a new customer record will be created.

Communicating with customers

Amazon provides only the Amazon generated email address which ensures any communications with the customer goes via their content control. Amazon are super keen to ensure all communications with the customer are of a high standard. If an email is sent to the Amazon generated email address via Brightpearl it is likely that it will not be received by the customer. All communications should be sent through Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon will send emails to your customers automatically when they place their order and when the order is shipped. It is not possible to deactivate these. Brightpearl will also allow you to send shipping confirmation emails (at packing) but since you may only have the Amazon generated email address and they already send one on your behalf, it’s not really required for Amazon sales.

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