Amazon payments and fees

Payments from Amazon will automatically download to Brightpearl when the funds have been transferred to your bank account. For the download to be successful the payment report provided by Amazon must be in XML format; it does not come in this format as standard so you will need to raise a support ticket with Amazon to request that it is provided to you in XML format.

Payment reports must be in XML format

Amazon payments will only be imported to Brightpearl if the payment report is in XML format. Amazon will not provide past payment reports in XML. If your report was not in XML format you will have to enter the payments into Brightpearl manually.

When will payments download?

Funds are received from Amazon every 14 days minus the fees, unless you specifically send a request to Amazon to release the funds earlier.

Are refunds handled?

Refunds are not automatically handled in the payment download. This is because a refund must be processed against a sales return/credit which may not yet exist. Any refunds will need to be manually entered.

Amazon fees

Fees related to sales orders are automatically accounted for when payments are downloaded into Brightpearl. The fees nominal code is selected within the Amazon marketplace set up in Brightpearl. You will see the fees created in a separate accounting journal of type BP. Any fees that are not associated with particular sales orders will need to be accounted for manually.

Different types of fees

Where different types of fee have been charged against a single order, you will see a single fee amount posted in Brightpearl for the total fee amount applicable to the order.

Spanish and Italian Amazon marketplace sellers

UK sellers can now sell on and and be paid in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Formerly, UK sellers were required to open and maintain a Eurozone Bank Account in order to sell on the Italian and Spanish marketplaces. With the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS), exchange rates cover all fees and charges related to your transfers for each currency at no extra cost.

What happens at year end?

If your payment report downloads after you have done your year-end and it includes payments dated for the previous year, it will create and post those journals against the previous year. This will therefore change your year end reports. We recommend waiting until your payments have downloaded before doing your year end.

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