Amazon payments

When an order is downloaded from Amazon, payment data isn't included with the order information. This means orders download as unpaid, and payments are then applied at a later date, once the funds have been transferred into your bank account.


When the funds are transferred to your bank account, Amazon issues a report breaking the payment down into individual transactions. This report, called a settlement report, or sometimes disbursement report, is used to mark the orders as paid in Brightpearl.

The settlement report is issued about every two weeks. Learn more here.


Refunds are not currently supported with the Amazon connector. All refunds must be entered manually.

Learn more about Amazon refunds here.

Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers

UK sellers can now sell on and and be paid in Pounds Sterling (GBP).

Formerly, UK sellers were required to open and maintain a Eurozone Bank Account in order to sell on the Italian and Spanish marketplaces.

With the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS), exchange rates cover all fees and charges related to your transfers for each currency at no extra cost.

Accounting for Amazon payments

For every Amazon order, two accounting entries will be made when the payment downloads:

  • A sales receipt (SR) journal, recording the total value of the sale
  • A bank payment (BP) journal, recording the fees specific to that sale

Year end

If your payment report downloads after you have done your year end and it includes payments dated for the previous year, it will create and post those journals against the previous year. This will therefore change your year end reports.

We recommend waiting until your payments have downloaded before doing your year end.

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