Drop-Shipping Orders (Amazon)

Once your orders have downloaded into Brightpearl they will be visible on the recent sales list along with all your other orders. If they need to be drop-shipped they will need to be fulfilled to a purchase order, like any other drop-ship order, which needs to be sent to your supplier.

Advanced fulfillment & drop-ship purchase orders

Advanced fulfillment is the process of creating a drop-ship purchase order. This can only be done one order at a time since you need to specify which supplier will be used for each item. The purchase order will need to be sent to the supplier to tell them to ship the items to the customer.

Once shipped the supplier will usually let you know they have sent the items and send you the invoice to pay. The invoice should be received against the purchase order as normal in order to update accounting and your supplier account balance.

At this point, you can choose whether the sales order will be marked as shipped once the purchase invoice has been received or whether they will be marked as shipped at another stage of the drop-ship process. This setting can be found in  Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings :

additional action

If you select no, you will find an additional action against any drop-ship purchase orders to Mark as Shipped. Selecting to do so will mark the entire order as shipped, and automatically update the parent sales order rows as well.  This will trigger the order status update on Amazon. In Amazon the order is marked as “dispatched” which automatically emails the customer to let them know their order is on the way.  When marking as shipped, you can also enter a Tracking Reference and Shipping Method for your drop-ship orders.

sales orders as shipped

You can also mark the parent sales orders as shipped in bulk from within the Purchases list.

You may wish to also update the order status of the purchase order to indicate that the items have been shipped to the customer.

If you choose to mark the drop-ship purchase orders as shipped, you will also have the option to enter a tracking reference and shipping method. These details will be added to the parent order as an order note.

PO tracking

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How to advance fulfill / create a drop-ship purchase order

To use advanced fulfillment and create a drop ship purchase order you will need to activate Split / Partial Fulfillment:

  1. In Brightpearl, go to Settings > Products/Inventory .
  2. Select Yes to activate Split/Partial fulfillment & Drop-ship Purchase Orders.
  3. Save your changes.

Orders can only be processed for drop shipping one at a time:

  1. In Brightpearl, search for and open the order.
  2. Hover over Fulfill order at the top of the order, and select Partial/Advanced fulfill .
  3. For each item, select the supplier who will ship it.
    Note : Only suppliers of the product are displayed. They must be selected on the product, have their own price list and a price.
  4. Ensure Ship PO(s) to: is set to Ship to customer .
  5. (Optional) Select a status to set the order to.
  6. Click the Create Purchase Orders / Goods notes button.

A purchase order is created for each supplier selected and listed below. Click to view a purchase order and send it to the supplier for shipping.

The sales order in Brightpearl will be marked as shipped when the purchase invoice is received. If the order is from an integrated sales channel this will trigger the shipping update to be sent.

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