Connecting Amazon listings

Important: Brightpearl only supports report headers in English. To request that reports be translated into English language, log in to Seller Central and select Settings > Account Info > Feed Processing Report Language. After you enable this setting, both the headers and the contents of the reports will be translated. 

Each Amazon item must exist as a product in Brightpearl so that the listing can be connected to it. The Brightpearl product becomes the master of availability and price.

If a matching SKU exists in Brightpearl at the time the listing is downloaded it will automatically be connected. Where products don't already exist they can be created from the listing.

It is possible to connect the same product in Brightpearl to multiple Amazon listings, but please note the product can only be automatically connected to one listing - subsequent ones would have to be done manually.

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Connect Amazon listings to Brightpearl products

A connection can be established in several ways. use this table to see which options are available depending on whether you have a listing, product or both:

Do you have an active Amazon listing? Does a product exist in Brightpearl? The connection options available are:
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Auto-connect SKU-to-SKU

Manually search & connect

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Create a product from the listing

Create the product & then connect

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List on Amazon then connect

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It is not possible to publish listings on Amazon from Brightpearl, so you will need to list directly on Amazon and then either use that listing to create the product, or create the product and then connect.

Note that the current on hand quantity in Brightpearl will be uploaded to Amazon at the point the product and listing are connected, if inventory syncing is active. Subsequent changes to the on hand quantity in Brightpearl will trigger an update on Amazon for connected listings.

A full inventory sync can be triggered to Amazon by deactivating and reactivating inventory sync from within the Amazon marketplace settings in Brightpearl.

A listing can be connected to a bundle.

Create the product & then connect

Products can be created from your listings, however, you may prefer to create all your products within Brightpearl and then connect them. Products can be added in Brightpearl one at a time or by importing them from a spreadsheet.

List on Amazon then connect 

It is not possible to publish Amazon listings from Brightpearl. You will need to create your Amazon listings directly within your Amazon account.

See above for connecting a product to a listing.

Once your listings are connected to a product in Brightpearl, Brightpearl will begin to manage the price and quantity available on the listing in Amazon. And when an order is downloaded the product will be added and allocated onto the order.

What happens if a listing is not connected to a product?

If a listing is not connected to a product then Brightpearl will not manage the quantity or price on Amazon; it will be managed by Amazon. If an order is received for the item the order will still download, but the product won't be added or allocated; the line item will be a free-text / non-stock tracked item. You will therefore not have anything to ship in Brightpearl; you will need to manually update the status of the order in Amazon.

It is possible to edit the order in Brightpearl in order to add and allocate the product to fix the issue, but make sure you connect your product to the listing for next time.

How to auto-connect Amazon listings to Brightpearl products

As long as both your Amazon listing an Brightpearl product have the same SKU, and that is unique across your product range, they can be automatically connected. If the product exists at the point the listing is first downloaded into Brightpearl this connection will happen on its own. Otherwise you can use the Auto-connect by SKU button from  Channels > Amazon > Live Amazon listings

connect listing auto connect

Variant listings on Amazon

Products listed with different variants on Amazon, such as sizes and colors, will download into Brightpearl as separate listings; the parent product is not downloaded. Each will need to be connected to the relevant variant in Brightpearl. As long they use the same SKUs in both Amazon and Brightpearl they will connect up like any other product and listing.

Connecting a bundle to an Amazon listing

An Amazon listing can be connected to a bundle in Brightpearl. Brightpearl will sync the theoretical availability of the bundle based on the on-hand inventory levels of the components within the bundle. When an order for the listing downloads the bundle and all the components will be added.

Inventory sync to Amazon listings

If inventory syncing is activated, the on-hand quantity in Brightpearl will be uploaded to Amazon at the point that the listing is first connected; and when the on-hand inventory levels subsequently change.

If the product and listing are connected whilst inventory syncing is off, the on-hand quantity will be uploaded to Amazon once inventory sync has been switched on.

Limit on Amazon listings

The limit on Amazon listings per channel has been increased from 40,000 to 100,000 (or a 50mb download).

Listing level handling times

Amazon handling times can now be controlled at a listing level. To start controlling handling days per listing, record the number of days in a product custom field (numerical) and select the custom field on the Amazon settings. The default handling days will then only be used where no product specific handling days have been set. If you have a single SKU tied to listings in more than one Amazon channel, the recommendation is to have the lead time identical for all marketplace settings in Brightpearl.


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