Amazon multi-marketplace

Amazon operates several regions, each of which contains a number of marketplaces.

An Amazon seller account is tied to a region - i.e. having a seller account in a region will let you sell on any of the marketplaces in that region.

Each marketplace must be mapped to its own Brightpearl channel.


Having individual channels allows you to report on your sales per marketplace.

As each marketplace is mapped to an individual sales channel, you can configure certain settings per marketplace.

The settings include:

  • Price list (must be of the same currency as the marketplace currency)
  • Default warehouse for allocation
  • Sales statuses for new orders
  • Channel branding
  • Payment method

European multi-marketplaces

When sending inventory updates to Amazon, Brightpearl sends an inventory feed to Amazon containing the Amazon SKU.

In the Europe region, Amazon just matches that SKU across all marketplaces in that region, regardless of the marketplace ID actually sent on the feed.

In order for different warehouses to supply the same product across different EU marketplaces, you should avoid using the same Amazon SKU for those listings in those marketplaces.

Please note that SKUs cannot be changed in Amazon without relisting (and losing all history).

Hide inactive channels

It's now possible to tidy up your Channel menu by hiding inactive Amazon channels. To hide an Amazon channel go to Settings > Brightpearl apps > Amazon, edit the Amazon marketplace and uncheck the "Show in channel menu" box.

Choosing to hide an Amazon channel will only remove it from the main channel menu - it won't deactivate the channel. The channel will continue to show in report filters so that any existing data using that channel can still be searched for and reported on.


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