Overview of the Brightpearl Amazon App

Connect your Amazon seller account(s) to Brightpearl and manage all your inventory, prices, orders and shipments from multiple Amazon marketplaces in the same place as for your other sales channels.

This in an introduction to how Brightpearl and Amazon work together. You can read more detail about connecting your accounts and detailed information on how it works in the categories in this section.

amazon overview

Products, inventory & pricing

Your existing Brightpearl products and Amazon listings are connected SKU-to-SKU. New products can be created from your Amazon listing as you connect it. Changes to on hand inventory or the price in Brightpearl will automatically update the listing on Amazon.

Customers, orders & tax

When a customer buys your product on Amazon there is a 30 minute window during which the customer is able to cancel, the order will download into Brightpearl after the order is confirmed. If this is a returning customer the order will be placed against their existing record, matched by email. A record is created for new customers using their Amazon account email address.

The order will automatically add and allocate (reserve) the Brightpearl product, therefore reducing the on hand inventory and subsequently updating the availability on Amazon and your other sales channels.

Tax is calculated based on various tax rules designed into the app, and the tax controls within your own Brightpearl account.

Shipping & drop-shipping

The order will need to be fulfilled and shipped in Brightpearl and the items posted to the customer. An order can be split into one or more shipments.

If drop-shipping, a purchase order is sent to your supplier for them to ship the items. The Amazon order will need to be manually marked as shipped in Amazon.

Note that Amazon will always use the Brightpearl shipping date -  The Brightpearl "shipped" date will always be used by Amazon to measure whether shipping rules have been adhered to. If the order was already marked as shipped in Amazon the shipping date will be reconfirmed and changed to the Brightpearl date.


The Brightpearl to Amazon app supports FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). You need to add a "FBA warehouse" to your Brightpearl account that will be used to monitor and account for the inventory they are holding for you.

Payments & fees

Only once the Amazon order is marked as “Shipped” is the customer payment is taken and added to your Amazon seller account balance. Amazon will make a regular transfer of your earning, minus the fees, as a lump sum into your bank account. A payment report is provided to give a break down of the funds and fees received. This report is automatically downloaded into Brightpearl to mark the orders as paid and create the sales receipt and fees accounting.

Cancellations, refunds & returns

If the order is cancelled during the initial 30 minute window no order will download so no further work needs to be done. Later cancellations are handled differently depending on what stage they have reached in the sales cycle. Generally the order will need to be cancelled in both Brightpearl and Amazon, the process required depending on what stage the order has reached in the sales cycle.


Each separate Amazon marketplace and each separate seller ID which you use will create separate sales channels in Brightpearl, allowing you to report on sales per marketplace and per seller ID. Prices, inventory and orders can be synchronized per marketplace.

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