Publishing your app to the Brightpearl App Store

Once you’ve been approved as a developer, you’ll be able to register your App with us. This is its first step towards getting it live and visible within our App Store.

An App can move its way through four life cycle stages:

  • Development
    As per the title, this is the stage where you’re developing your App. Brightpearl will have visibility of it, but nobody else will see what you’re up to!
  • Alpha
    This is the stage where you would want Brightpearl to take a first look at your App, checking the functionality and feature set to ensure the core requirements are met. Brightpearl and some selected partners will have visibility of Apps at this stage, but of course nobody would be using your App without your knowledge.
  • Beta
    This is the stage where you’re happy to have some selected customers trial your App in a live environment. Customers are able to opt-in to see Beta Apps by turning on a setting within their account. Support documentation is expected at this stage.
  • Released
    The final stage, and the trigger for your App showing up in every Brightpearl account.

When you’re ready to progress your App through to the next stage, you can request the progression through the developer interface. This alerts us to assess and approve the progression.

To assess an integration we’ll be looking at its functionality, and your supporting documentation. This is so that we are confident our customers are receiving a good service from your App, and also that they are able to find support information should they need to. In example, an integration to a shopping cart should be creating orders with certain information recorded (such as channel).

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