Life-cycle of an app

When you add an app from within your developer account there are several life-cycle stages. Here’s what you need to know.

Some stages of the life-cycle will submit a request to our support team to get approval for the change.

We hope to update our life-cycle stages in the future, you will notice that not all of them are needed. You only need to progress your app if you’re looking to publish it to the app store.

Learn more about getting your app into the app store

Life-cycle stages

Life-cycle stage

Brightpearl approval needed?

Who can see and activate the app in the app store?

When to use this stage

In development


Only early access accounts

If the app is only for you, then leave it in development and add your account(s) as early access. Then turn the app on/off from the app store in Brightpearl.

If the app is for multiple clients, then leave it in development and add each account as an early access account. Then they will be able to turn it on/off in the app store.



Only early access accounts

There’s no real difference from “in development” except you will have to wait for us to approve the change in status, which our Support team will handle as soon as they can.



Any Brightpearl account with “show beta apps” set to yes in the settings

If you’re a partner working with us to put an app into the app store then you can request beta.



Any Brightpearl account

If you’re working with us to put an app into the app store then you will be able to progress from beta to “released”.


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