Country restrictions for your app

Most apps developed for Brightpearl will be ‘universal’ and available for any Brightpearl customer to install and use. Some types of app, typically those related to courier services, accountancy and taxation, are only relevant to customers in certain countries.

If you are developing an app which should only be made available to customers in particular countries, you will want to set up Country restrictions on your app.

This can be defined when creating your app, but can also be changed at any time. By default the  ‘Country restriction’ dropdown is set to ‘All countries’, which means any Brightpearl customer can find and install your app.

Restricting an app by country

An app can be restricted by using a whitelist or a blacklist:

  • A whitelist allows only the mentioned countries to find and install the app, all other countries will be restricted from finding and installing it.
  • A blacklist restricts only the mentioned coutries from finding and installing the app, all other countries will be able to find and install it.

When adding a new app, select whitelist or blacklist as the restriction and then add the countries to approve/restrict.


Limitations & things to note

Brightpearl customers are free to choose their own country when creating a Brightpearl account and may change it at any time. You should be aware that:

  • A customer may have set their country incorrectly.
  • A customer may have previously had their country set to one which you allow, installed your app, then changed their country - this will not ‘uninstall’ your app for that customer.
  • You might change your list of restricted countries to exclude customers who had previously installed your app - this will not ‘uninstall’ your app for that customer.
  • Brightpearl accounts in South Africa use a non standard country code in their business address and cannot currently be whitelisted or blacklisted.
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