Registering as a Brightpearl developer

The Brightpearl App Store lists apps built by developers for Brightpearl customers to install. Apps use our API to provide extra functionality to Brightpearl accounts, such as reporting or custom workflows. To build an app, you need to register as a Brightpearl developer.

If you are building an app just for one client, and don't need it published in the app store, it's still best to create an app as normal (using OAuth for authentication), but you don't need to progress it beyond the alpha stage.

How to register

The first step is to register as a partner developer using our partner registration form . After you register, our Partner team will get in touch with you to discuss our partner program if you haven't already spoken to them.

The next step is to create a new account on our Brightpearl Developer website . On completing the form, you will be given a unique token and secret. Be very careful not to lose these credentials ; the secret will never be shown again and you will need to contact Brightpearl to get a new one.

Your Brightpearl Developer account requires approval by us. Once you have spoken to the Partner team, they will approve your developer account, and you'll receive a notification email to let you know your account is ready to use.

When your developer account is active, you can log in to the Brightpearl Developer website .

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