Register as a Brightpearl developer

To start building an app, you will need to register as a developer. Once you have done so, you can add your apps to generate the OAuth credentials for connection within your developer account.

You will also be able to control which accounts can see and turn on the app, allowing you control over whether it's used privately, by multiple clients, or published to the app store (upon approval).

Registering as a developer means that we have the relevant contact information for you to ensure we’re able to let you know about any upgrades or updates which could impact your apps.

When you register, you will be provided with a unique token and secret which are needed for connecting apps. Make sure you make a record of these details and keep them securely - never publish or share your token and secret.

Create your Brightpearl developer account here.

If you are looking to partner with Brightpearl in order to create apps for the app store, please contact our partner team.

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