Before connecting Magento (pre-2016) & Brightpearl

Please note that this guide relates to the pre-2016 version of our Magento connector. For the 'New' Magento connector, please refer to


To allow your Magento store to successfully integrate with Brightpearl, please read and confirm your set up meets the prerequisites.

Download our prerequisite checklist:

Preparing Magento Integration


Our integration supports 1.6.2 and above. If your Magento store shows as 1.6 - don't worry, they have provided a patch.

Get the Magento 1.6 patch to support the Brightpearl integration

Server requirements

Please ensure your hosting environment specification is suitably configured to allow API requests, read more about the server requirements needed for integrating Magento with Brightpearl.


The SKU length in Magento must not exceed 32 characters


Brightpearl requires that every product is given a brand. We use the Magento attribute with code "manufacturer" for this value, so before we import your Magento items you'll need to make sure every product has a manufacturer.

Tax settings

Brightpearl will share the selling price of products to Magento exclusive of tax. Please be sure your store uses the following setting. System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Calculation Settings > Catalog Prices = Excluding Tax


Before any integration is created to your Magento store, we strongly recommend you take a full back of the Magento database, read more about this in our Getting Started guide available below.

Base currency

Ensure the same base currency is used in Brightpearl and in Magento.

For more info, please download our Getting Started with Magento and Brightpearl guide. It will help you to understand the complexity of your project, based on what level of integration you want to achieve.

Getting started with Magento and Brightpearl

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