Before connecting eBay and Brightpearl

Here's what you need to do before connecting eBay and Brightpearl.


Every product that will be connected to an eBay listing must have a SKU, and that SKU must match between Brightpearl and eBay. The SKUs should be unique to each product. They will be used for connecting your existing eBay listings to the products in Brightpearl, allowing you to then sync prices and inventory to eBay and allocate inventory to downloaded orders.

Price lists

A price list for each currency you actively list on eBay must be set up in Brightpearl. This is not required for passive listing, i.e. a domestic listing which offers international shipping.

Activate the out-of-stock-option on your eBay seller account

Activate this setting to ensure that when the quantity of your Good 'Til Cancelled listings reach zero, your listings will remain active. This means that they will renew and you will be charged eBay fees every 30 days.

Note : the listing will be hidden from search until you increase the quantity.

How to activate the out-of-stock-option on your eBay seller account

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences .
  3. Under the Selling Preferences section select Use the out-of-stock-option .

eBay use out of stock option


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