Before connecting Amazon & Brightpearl

Ready to implement Amazon with Brightpearl? Here's what you need to do before implementation of Amazon with Brightpearl.


SKUs must exist in Brightpearl & Amazon. They must be unique to a product and match between Brightpearl and Amazon. They will be used for connecting your Amazon listings to the products in Brightpearl, allowing you to then upload prices and inventory to Amazon, and allocate inventory to downloaded orders.

Payment reports

The payment report is used for downloading payments from Amazon into Brightpearl. You will need to contact Amazon and request that your payment report (settlement report) is provided in XML format. Brightpearl is only able to download payments when the report is provided in this format. Any reports not provided in this format will be skipped and the payments will have to be created in Brightpearl manually.

FBA allocation warehouse 

You can now switch and change the allocation warehouse on each separate channel (marketplace).

If you use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you will need to create a separate warehouse in Brightpearl specifically for FBA. You can now set an FBA warehouse by channel as opposed to the seller account, which means you can now track FBA inventory separately across different locations.

Which countries are supported? 

Amazon market place is a selling region. A seller account can have one or more marketplaces. A European seller account supports the following marketplaces: 






A US seller account supports the following marketplaces: 



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