Exploring the Brightpearl App Store

The Brightpearl App Store allows you to extend Brightpearl with the exact capabilities you need, and not pay for features you don’t want. The App Store provides a wide choice of apps approved to work with Brightpearl including web store integrations, forecasting tools, reporting tools and more. All apps are listed on www.brightpearl.com and are also available for you to browse within your Brightpearl account.

App Store

What is an app?

Previously referred to as integrations, you will now be installing and using apps to extend your Brightpearl account and add extra features and functionality.

App Store apps

There are two types of app:

  • A private app is a bespoke app built for the use of a single Brightpearl account, custom made for your own use. It is not listed on the App Store.
  • A public app is built for use by many Brightpearl accounts. Built by a third-party developer or by Brightpearl.

There are also apps that are in beta as some developers want customers to trial apps before making them available to all accounts. If you're interested in seeing apps that are in beta, then you can turn on the relevant setting in Settings > Company > Other options .

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