Business insights & analysis with Brightpearl

Gain real time visibility into the business: Know where to invest your time and your capital: where yield is highest

Brightpearl has a whole suite of reports, ready and waiting for you to analyse your businesses performance and plan your next move. Through our Sales Analysis reports you can report on your entire sales history - break it down by sales channel to find out your most profitable platform, or break down against your products to find out which lines are your real top earners and which lines are burning cash in your warehouse.

The best thing about all of our reports is that they are generated in real-time for you, so you can go to the Profit & Loss at any time and it’ll be up to date with all of that days transactions already - no need to wait until the end of the month!

Next steps

1. Review all Brightpearl’s reporting options in the Reports module.

2. Read our Sales Reports documentation.

3. Read our Products & Inventory Reports documentation.

To find out more about any of our other reports, such as our Low Inventory report or Balance sheet, visit our Sales Reports Help Guides .

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