Exploring inventory management with Brightpearl

Keep your inventory under tight control

Inventory management becomes increasingly challenging as your business starts to take off. Brightpearl keeps a full catalog of the products which are bought and sold across all sales channels. Using SKUs the products are connected to the listing or items on your sales channels, allowing Brightpearl to manage availability, pricing and orders for the items.

Inventory overview

The product and inventory screen (Products > List products/services) displays all of your products and their inventory at a global level. From here you can dive into any product to change further details, or you can get an overview of the current inventory.

In Stock represents how many of this item you own.

Allocated represents how many of this item are currently reserved for open orders that you’re yet to ship.

On Hand is the remaining stock that you’re yet to allocate to an order. Its this number that we communicate to your sales channels. We could do this on demand, but we’ve chosen to do it automatically so that your sales channels are always up to date, and you never oversell an item.

On Order represents the amount of stock currently incoming on open purchase orders. Brightpearl has an completely integrated purchase ordering module, so we know how many you’re reordering, and show this number whenever we show you a product. This way you get all of the most crucial information as quickly as possible.

Try it out

1. Create a new product at Products > New product/service.

2. Review the Inventory Detail report at Products > Inventory Detail.

3. Watch our Introduction to Inventory Management video.

For more on creating & editing products, such as managing multiple prices or how Brightpearl handles your stock levels, visit our Products & Inventory Help Guides .

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