Magento 2 extension release notes

This is where all changes made to the Magento 2 Brightpearl extension are listed. Information on the new features can be found here.

Brightpearl 2.10.2 (contains 2 files Brightpearl and MSI)

IMPORTANT: If you use Magento MSI functionality, please make sure to install all files in 2.10.2 module version. If you do not use MSI, please only install Brightpearl files, and do not install BrightpearlMsi file. 

  • New - Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) support
  • New - Tiered Price Import - Update ‘Unique constraint violation found’ error
  • New - Credit Memos price list must filter for priceListTypeCode = BUY not SELL
  • Fixed - Restrictive composer PHP dependency for Magento 2.3.*
  • Fixed - MSI seems to always update default store in multi-store configuration
  • Fixed - MSI implement 1 to 1 mapping for Source to Warehouse
  • New - MSI Implement allocation warehouse on order export

Framework 2.1.0

  • New - Prevent http response headers being sent during email ob_start capture
  • Fixed - Restrictive composer PHP dependency for Magento 2.3.*
  • New - Refactoring support for command line interaction

2.7.0 July 2019 

Brightpearl 2.7.0

  • New - Credit Memo export - add quarantine location support
  • Fixed - Credit memo - pricelistId missing from error message
  • Fixed - Credit memo - quarantine note incorrect error message when price missing

2.6.0 April 2019

Brightpearl 2.6.0

  • New - Implement OAuth2
  • Fixed - Applying store level tier pricing failing on the second batch
  • New - Import Brightpearl settings interaction imports statuses that are not appropriate to be mapped
  • New - Webhooks sent to Magento core v2.3 fail due to CSRF validation
  • Fixed - An issue where import goods notes seem to be shipping incorrect value when an item has more than 1 QTY

 2.5.1 February 2019

Brightpearl 2.5.1

  • New - Shipping download on credit memo

2.5.0 February 2019

Brightpearl 2.5.0

  • New - Credit Memo
  • New - Change Request: use tax code from Brightpearl order instead of config
  • New - Change Request: retrieve IntegrationInstanceID from api
  • Fixed - Credit Memos: Refund orderId should be salesCreditId and not original orderId

2.4.1 February 2019

Brightpearl 2.4.1

  • Fixed - Issue with proce import interaction after Magento version upgrade to 2.3.0

2.4.0 October 2018

Brightpearl 2.4.0

  • New - Import shipment details for Brightpearl bundle linked to Magento simple product read more
  • New - Support for cli config dump
  • Fixed - Cannot deselect default order status in the Shared: Order and payment settings
  • Fixed - Price update deletes product url key
  • Fixed - Valid price record ignored during price import
  • Fixed - Interaction log UI does not delete all records on page
  • Fixed - Import and reconcile goods-notes interactions stall on Magento simple linked to nested Brightpearl bundle

Framework 2.0.10

  • Fixed - Interaction log UI does not delete all records on page

2.3.0 May 2018

Brightpearl: 2.3.0

  • New - Add support for custom fields on customer object read more
  • Fixed - Zero the quantity for missing SKUs when importing stock levels

Framework: 2.0.9

  • No changes

2.2.1 March 2018

Brightpearl: 2.2.1

  • Set shipping carrier and tracking reference - when shipments are imported the Magento, where the shipping methods are mapped, the carrier field will be set as well as entering the shipping method title and tracking reference. This ensures that the customer can click on their tracking reference to visit the carrier website and view the tracking details.

Framework: 2.0.9

  • Upgrade phpunit tests support latest version

2.2.0 March 2018

Brightpearl: 2.2.0

  • New setting on shared order export - choose whether contact detail changes are recorded in Brightpearl learn more
  • Price Importer correctly merges group and tier prices when executed manually
  • Price import correctly validates tax settings to ensure compatibility learn more about the price import interaction
  • Price import validation override setting
  • Export Order Payment interaction now supports order ref containing a forward slash

2.1.2 January 2018

Brightpearl: 2.1.2

  • [NEW] #145 Saving configuration corrupts instance token

    Reports of the extension losing connection with Brightpearl on saving the configuration have been resolved.

  • [FIX] #148 Can't open products or interaction menu in Magento 2.2.*

    Reports that the products menus in Magento can't be opened have been resolved.

  • [NEW] #152 Change log status from ERROR to NO_RESULT for order status import where not mapped

    We have now downgraded a log entry to prevent spam email alerts being sent. This occurred when the order status update interactions ran and found orders on an unmapped status.

Framework: 2.0.8

  • [FIX] #148 Can't open products or interaction menu in Magento 2.2.*

2.1.1 September 2017

Brightpearl: 2.1.1

  • [NEW] #115 Map order comments in Magento to Order notes in Brightpearl

    Order comments added in Magento will be captured in the Brightpearl order notes and payment history tab.

  • [FIX] #118 Support Magento version 2.1.8
  • [FIX] #127 Unescaped strings break config mapping rows

Framework: 2.0.7

  • [FIX] #118 Support Magento version 2.1.8

2.1.0 August 2017

Brightpearl: 2.1.0

  • [NEW] #53 Support for custom order field mappings

    It is now possible to map Magento fields to Brightpearl order custom fields to capture extra information. Read more about customization mapping

  • [NEW] #84 Adjust menu name for Brightpearl module
  • [NEW] #113 Include Magento2 app channel types on import settings
  • [FIX] #105 Payment method map not being respected when a default nominal code is set
  • [FIX] #107 Complete ACL support

Framework: 2.0.6

  • [FIX] #107 Complete ACL support
  • [FIX] #106 Report cannot unserialize carriage return data
  • [FIX] #104 Add test support for framework integration modules
  • [FIX] #114 Incorrect dependency on phpunit in production environments

2.0.7 June 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.7

  • [NEW] #101 Diagnostic support for Webhooks

2.0.6 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.6

  • [FIX] #89 Numeric sku is being processed as 0 by the module
  • [FIX] #95 Support "shipping_discount_tax_compensation_amount"
  • [FIX] #90 FTL error during bulk stock import

2.0.5 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.5

  • [FIX] #87 Reconciliation row appears on orders with a discount

Framework: 2.0.5

  • [NEW] #88 Remove echo statements for M2 Code Sniffer compliance

2.0.4 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.4

  • [FIX] #85 Webhooks failing and respond with 404
  • [NEW] #68 Magento code sniffer compliance

Framework: 2.0.4

  • [FIX] #77 Report elapsed time is always zero
  • [NEW] #68 Magento Code Sniffer compliance checks

2.0.3 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.3

  • [NEW] #44 Shipping reconciliation requires a cron trigger

    The shipping reconciliation can now be set to run on a cron job.

  • [NEW] #50 Add phone number to customer contact details
  • The customer phone number will now be recorded on the customer record in Brightpearl.
  • [FIX] #41 Remove test infrastructure account and urls
  • [FIX] #35 Price import interaction not respecting enabled state across websites

2.0.2 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.2

  • [FIX] #26 Rework of realtime stock check trigger
  • [NEW] #37 Shipping method map requires regex support
  • [FIX] #39 Address data not exporting from the module correctly due to missing country code

Framework: 2.0.3

  • [NEW] #26 Rework of realtime stock check trigger

2.0.1 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.1

  • [NEW] #9 Mechanism to configure SSL strictness for MITM attacks
  • [NEW] #4 Add support for http auth
  • [FIX] #25 setup:di:compile error: incorrect dependency in class
  • [FIX] #20 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Brightpearl\Model\Queue\Payment\Observer contains 1 abstract method
  • [FIX] #21 setup:di:compile error: [Zend\Code\Exception\RuntimeException] No tokens were provided
  • [FIX] #16 setup:di:compile error: Warning Rows\Bundle\Total::_getRowTotal()
  • [FIX] #20 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Brightpearl\Model\Queue\Payment\Observer contains 1 abstract method

Framework: 2.0.2

  • [NEW] #2 support for admin order placed context

    When an order is created in the admin panel it will trigger the real time order export.

  • [NEW] #7 Adjust default sort order of interaction log grid
  • [FIX] #25 setup:di:compile error: incorrect dependency in class
  • [FIX] #23 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Framework\Model\Config\Installation contains 2 abstract methods
  • [FIX] #17 setup:di:compile error: Abstract method not implemented in Hotlink\Framework\Helper\Html\Form\Filter\Magento
  • [FIX] #18 setup:di:compile error: Class 'Varien_Data_Form_Element_Abstract' not found
  • [FIX] #22 setup:di:compile error: Hotlink\Framework\Html\Form\Environment\Parameter\Filter\Magento\Product abstract method
  • [FIX] #24 setup:di:compile error: Hotlink\Framework\Model\Processing\Data\Identifier\Magento\ProductFactory does not exist

2.0.0 March 2017

  • [NEW] - Initial beta release of module
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