Configuring Brightpearl for using Brightpearl WMS

It's always best to speak with our professional services team prior to implementing Brightpearl WMS.  The exact configuration of the software will differ depending on each business' particular requirements, but the following factors should be considered:

  • Do you have stock in multiple locations, and is this being managed in Brightpearl?
  • Which warehouse location management settings are currently active?
  • Are there any other active warehousing apps or shipping integrations on the account?
  • Are product barcodes currently being used, or are there plans to implement them?
  • Are location barcodes currently being used, or are there plans to implement them?

Most of the preparation for Brightpearl WMS will be carried out by the Brightpearl team, but there are a few actions that are worth considering around the implementation phase.

Location barcodes

Brightpearl WMS is designed to accommodate the use of barcode scanners to streamline processes.  As such it's worth adding barcodes to the physical locations in your warehouse to allow users to submit location data as easily as possible.  See the article warehouse location barcodes for more information on how to do this.

Granting access to Brightpearl WMS

One of the processes that will need to be driven from the Brightpearl side of the connection is to grant users access to Brightpearl WMS. Before beginning the user should first be created in Brightpearl - see adding staff members / user logins.

How to grant a Brightpearl user access to Brightpearl WMS

  1. Go to Settings > Staff/users > List staff, and click the user’s name to edit the staff member details.
  2. Check the Warewolf section box.
  3. Select which warehouses access should be granted to.
  4. Add a 6-digit PIN.
  5. Assign a role.


  6. Next, the user needs to be added to the Warewolf App. Still in Brightpearl, go to App store > Installed apps > Warewolf > Configure > Manage users.
  7. Select the new member from the drop down at the top right.
  8. Click Add.
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