Overview of Brightpearl WMS

Brightpearl's own WMS is an easy to use, fully integrated Warehouse Management System that enables operations to scale to the next level.

Brightpearl WMS is a dedicated warehousing solution that supports functions such as:

  • Configurable stock checks

    Create stock checks in a few clicks based on product brands or categories, warehouse zones or locations, inventory throughput or value, or according to custom criteria. Manage inventory proactively rather than reactively, and make stock checks part of regular business best practice.

    Learn more about stock taking in WMS here.
  • Compiling batches of pick lists

    Consolidate multiple pick lists into one batch to minimize warehouse footfall and reduce overall picking times.

    Learn more about batching here.
  • Product and location barcode support at goods-in, goods-out and stock checks

    Implement barcodes for products and locations alike to eliminate human error and streamline all common warehousing processes.

    Learn more about product and location barcodes.
  • Manually selectable picking locations

    Break away from the FIFO concept by choosing which location to pick inventory from.

    Learn more about picking in WMS here.

Data is regularly pulled in from Brightpearl, and Brightpearl is updated automatically as warehouse staff update inventory or shipments. Learn more about data syncing here.

Depending on your configuration, WMS will allow you to perform various tasks. Each of these tasks are covered in a separate section.

  • Picking, packing and shipping goods to customers

  • Receiving goods from suppliers

  • Receiving goods in from customers as part of a return, optionally creating a sales credit at the same time
  • Stock counts for a product, brand or location

  • Inventory spot checks of a single item

  • Moving inventory from one location to another

To learn more about Brightpearl WMS or to arrange a demo, submit an inquiry via our Brightpearl WMS introduction page.

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